5 Diy Beautiful Botanical Wall Hangings

Bring nature indoors with these 5 Diy beautiful botanical wall hangings. These beautiful wall hangings are easy to make and will all add a special touch to any wall of your home.

5 Diy Beautiful Botanical Wall Hangings

1. Diy Botanical Gallery Wall

Make a statement with this beautiful diy botanical gallery wall. This wall is a feature in the master bedroom but this gallery wall would look stunning in any room of the house. Follow this link to find out more. 

2. Book Page Botanical Wall Art

Transform an old book into this beautiful piece of botanical wall art. This is a simple project which really looks amazing. Click here to get the full tutorial. 

3. Painted Botanicals

Have fun collecting and painting various botanicals. The options are almost endless here, different plants and different paints. Click here to view the full tutorial. 

4. Pressed Floating Fern

Why stop at ferns when flowers and all sorts of different leaves would look stunning made into a floating piece of artwork. Find out how to make one here. 

5. Botanical Print Wall Hanging

Dowel rods and twine is a beautiful way to display prints. To find out how to make this botanical print wall hanging click here. 


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