5 Diy Felt Mini Critters

These 5 diy felt mini critters make the perfect starting sewing projects for children. The designs are simple and the results are super cute! Felt is a great starter sewing fabric as it is easy to cut and hold, making it perfect for hand sewing. Each of these, 5 diy felt mini critters are super small making them all that more adorable.

5 Diy Felt Mini Critters

1. Felt Monsters

Felt monsters are the perfect starting point for making your first felt critters. They are simple and anything goes when it comes to designing your monster. Click here to view the full tutorial. 

2. Pocket Kitty

This cute little pocket kitty is easy to sew and will be a favorite pocket companion. Follow this link to find out more. 

3. Little Felt Mouse

Once you make one little felt mouse you will want to make more. These little guys really couldn’t get any cuter. Click here to get the pattern. 

4. Pocket Sloth

Because everyone needs a pocket sloth! This pocket sloth is another great starter sewing project for little hands. Follow this link to find the full tutorial. 

5. Mini Critter Hearts

Make one of these mini critter hearts and show a loved one how loved they are. These adorable mini critter hearts are so simple and fun to make you will want to make dozens of them. Head over to Delilahiris to get the pattern and while you are there check out there other amazing felt creations.



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