5 DIY Recycled Plant Pots

Turn trash to treasure with these 5 DIY recycled plant pots. Why spend money on expensive plant pots when you can make your own? Each of these plant pots has been created using recycled goods so not only are you doing your part to save the environment you will be saving money in the process. Almost any container can be turned into a plant pot so before you take the recycling out check that there aren’t any useful containers ready to be upcycled for a new use. These 5 DIY recycled plant pots are a great example of how to create a stylish plant pot from items such as milk jugs and tin cans.

5 DIY Recycled Plant Pots

 5 DIY recycled plant pots

1. Animal Pots

recycled plant pot

Turn an empty plastic bottle into a cute animal plant pot. Kids will love making these plant pots! Turn it into a fun gardening lesson and get the kids to plant their own seeds and care for the plant. More information can be found over at Mothers’ Union.

2. Hanging Planter

hanging recycled plant pot

Planter pots are not only for the ground. Hang them from the tree to make your garden a really special place. A hanging planter will work well made from most old plastic bottles or containers. Head over to Hello Glow to find out more.

3. Vintage Inspired Seed Starter Cups

tin can plant pot

These beautiful seed starter cups are made from old tin cans. The images are seed packets that have been adhered with outdoor Mod Podge. These would be perfect for starting off seeds indoors on the windowsill. Visit Fresh Eggs Daily to read the full tutorial.

4. Mason Jar Herb Garden

mason jar plant pot

Grow your herbs in style with this mason jar herb garden. This is a great example of how to use mason jars in a unique way as a plant pot. Save up your old jam jars and turn them into something that doubles as a wall hanging for your home. Visit Camille Styles to find out more.

5. Tire Planter

tire planter

We have shown this amazing tire planter off before in our round-up, 8 Colorful Re-purposed Tire Projects but it is so good that it deserves mentioning again. Tires are great to recycle into plant pots. There are many different methods to do this such a simply placed on the ground and filled in with soil or cutting in half and used as an upright pot. We love how this one from DIY Show Off is such a standout feature, perfect for any home.

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