6 Tips for Your Makeup Routine in 2022

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You might have been applying makeup for years, but it is not a surprise to find yourself aiming for perfection but feeling that there is a lot more you can still do.

What will work for one person might not work for another. The secret is to create a routine that works for you and stick to it. If to date, you find yourself thinking about the perfect makeup routine to adopt, these six tips will help you create a perfect routine in 2022.

6 Tips for Your Makeup Routine in 2022

6 Tips for Your Makeup Routine in 2022

Maintain healthy lashes

6 Tips for Your Makeup Routine in 2022- eyes

Your lashes are very important but many people pay attention to skin makeup and forget the lashes. The best lash care is not about coating them with mascara layers or gluing them with lash glue. It’s also not about adding some super heavy false lashes that weigh them down. Your lashes only require some love from you to achieve the healthy flattering lashes you desperately long for. 

Eyes differ in shape, color, or size and that is why you will get different lash styles for all eye shapes from Ardell, KVD Beauty, Velour, and Lilac St. so that you choose the best style for your unique eyes. It doesn’t matter if you have round eyes, monolid, almond, hooded, small, upturned, or downturned eyes. You will find the right lashes for your eye type from their large collection of high-quality lashes. 

Preparing your skin for makeup

You should never apply makeup before you prepare it. Your makeup enhances your beauty, but a good skincare routine keeps your skin healthy. To achieve a complete skin prep fast, you need to perform three easy steps.

Use cleanser– You should always use a high-quality facial cleanser. Wet your hands and then squeeze a little amount of the cleanser into your hands. Massage it into your face gently and then rinse it off. A good cleanser is one that leaves your skin feeling soft. 

Use serum – Immediately after cleaning your skin, apply a few drops of facial serum. The serum contains antioxidants that work on your skin to improve its renewal process. It is formulated with hydraulic acid for hydrating your skin to keep it moisturized, which will keep your skin’s general complexion good.

Use moisturizerChoose a moisturizer that blends with your skin type. It hydrates your skin and enhances the overall look. 

The best routine for face makeup application

Once you are through with your routine skincare, create a routine for applying makeup on your face. This is the best order that will work for anyone.

Start with a primer to provide a grip for your make so that it lasts for hours. Use a concealer to correct the flaws, such as redness or dark spots under your eyes. Apply the foundation making sure it looks just like your natural skin. It is an underlayer that should not scream out. Add another layer of makeup but choose a color that blends well with the foundation. Apply a little bronzer to bring out the glow. 

The best routine for eye makeup application

Have ready with you the brows pencil, eye shadow, and mascara. Use an eyebrow pencil or waterproof gel to a natural-looking arch on your brow arch. Apply eyeshadow to your lids by choosing the right color. Before the mascara, line your eyes with a pencil liner. Finish the process with mascara.

The best routine for lips makeup application

6 Tips for Your Makeup Routine in 2022- lips

Precede with lip liner to create a base for the lipstick. Keep trying different lipstick colors until you get the right ones for you. You may choose a shimmering color, matte, glossy, pigmented, etc. Finish with a lip balm or lip gloss to keep your lips moisturized. 

Set up your makeup

After all, is done, your makeup might not last an entire day due to various reasons like natural oil from your skin, sweat, dust, sunlight, and all other natural processes. Your best option is to set it so that it lasts the entire day. Use makeup extender setting spray for this purpose. Shake the bottle and hold it away from your face about 8 inches. Close your eyes and use an X, T motion, spray about four to six times and you will be ready for a blazing makeup day. 

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