7 Cute Teddy Bears To Make

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Practice your teddy bear making skills with these 7 cute teddy bears to make. We have sock bears, teeny tiny bears, crochet bears, and even a traditional bear, so ALL the bears your could ever need! I am in love with the pocket bear, which is your favorite? Keep reading to see all of the 7 cute teddy bears to make.

7 Cute Teddy Bears To Make

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1. Mr. Ted


How cute is Mr. Ted? I especially love his wee belly button! Mr. Ted is super easy to make, making him perfect for beginner sewers. Click here to find out more. 

2. Crochet Teddy


This is a super cute teddy to make if you enjoy crocheting. Click here to find the pattern. 

3. Lilly The Bear


Lilly the bear got a big AWWWW from both of my girls, followed by “can you make me that bear”, so I think it is safe to say this bear will keep most little girls happy! Follow this link to discover how to make Lilly the bear.

4. Mini Teddy Bear Bed


This tiny teddy in his tin bed is beyond adorable! This is the perfect use for old tin containers and you could make a whole family of different animals, so cute! This link here includes the details to make the bed. Although it doesn’t include how to make the bear, all you need to do is cut out a bear shape and sew around the sides, so simple.

5. Sock Teddy


Most likely you have a sock monster living at your house as I do. Ours is extra hungry, in fact, I have a massive bag filled with the odd socks that I am forever hoping to find the pairs. Put your odd socks to use by making a cute sock teddy family. You can find out how by clicking here.

6. Little Ted


This little ted is adorable and very simple to make. Savvy Homemade has the tutorial as well as a tutorial for a very basic first teddy.

7. Vintage Style Teddy Bear


These vintage style teddy bears are the happiest looking teddy bears on the block! These happy fellows can be made from offcuts of fabric, old clothing (denim would look fantastic) or any other fabric you like. Follow this link to find out more.  

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