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Christmas Tree Math Addition Worksheets

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Christmas is coming and it is sure to be fun. Add to the enjoyment with this FREE Christmas Tree Math Addition Worksheets. Totally free for you to print and use! There are 7 different printable worksheets to choose from to suit a wide range of abilities. From counting and graphs to more complicated addition and word problems you are sure to find something to do in this fun math bundle!

Christmas Tree Math Addition Worksheets

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These worksheets are fantastic for children starting off on their counting and addition math journey all the way up to children that are learning to add numbers together. The easiest way to print these worksheets is from the printable section towards the bottom of this article. You can print them now or download to save them for later use. Print one page or print them all by adjusting your printer settings.

1. Christmas Tree Count

Don’t be tricked by the tempting gifts! Count the trees and write the number in the box provided. To extend on this worksheet you can count all of the trees and all of the gifts. Are there more gifts or trees?

2. Simple Christmas Tree Addition

Add the Christmas trees and gift boxes together. This is a great worksheet for children who are starting to add. Children can count the pictures to help them solve this addition problem. After all of the equations have been solved color in the Christmas trees and gifts.

3. Christmas Tree Addition

This Christmas tree addition is perfect for children who want to test their addition skills. Solve all of the Christmas tree equations then figure out which Christmas tree has the highest number and circle that tree.

4. Addition Word Problems

Read the Christmas-themed math problems below and solve them. Math word problems are always lots of fun to solve!

5. Christmas Graph

This is a fabulous graph for early learners. Count all of the Christmas items and then fill in the graph. Which item has the most and which item has the least? Are there any items with the same quantity?

6. Christmas Skip Counting

Skip count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s with this fun worksheet. A number chart is great to use alongside this activity for children starting out on skip counting. You can get our free BONUS Christmas number chart below.

Christmas Tree Add

Add the numbers together and then draw on the number of required Christmas tree ornaments.

Print & Save

Print and save this free Christmas Tree Addition Math Bundle below.

BONUS Christmas Number Chart

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