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Crafty Days In October

Have some fun with these crafty days in October! These days aren’t specifically about crafts rather the important and fun celebrated days of October that could be fun to make crafts for. Use these special days for crafty inspiration for yourself or with your children. We love days that are dedicated to special holidays and events that we can make crafts and fun activities for! Some of the days we are really looking forward to include, Internation Frugal Fun Day, Halloween and the month long Cookie Month. Who wouldn’t love a month of cookies!

Making crafts with children gives the opportunity to talk about the special day, and adults to reflect on why the day is important. Or maybe it is just a day for celebrating something fun either way we don’t really need much of an excuse to have some crafty fun!

Crafty Days In October

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Crafty Days In October

All Month

Cookie Month

cherry cookies

The perfect excuse to make lots of cookies this month!


2 October-

International Frugal Fun Day

A day to have lots of fun without spending money! Have a bike ride or go on a walk with your family. Stay at home and make lots of crafts. Here is a selection of our favorite recycled crafts. These crafts are made from trash and materials that you most likely can source for free!

World Farm Animal

Celebrate all of the world’s farm animals by making a fun farm animal craft! These Farm Animal Learning Puzzles are great for young learners. Or how about this Cardboard Woolly Sheep Craft or Newspaper Cow Craft for a bit of farmyard fun!

4 October-

World Animal Day
aminal day

Pick your favorite animal and learn all about it. Once you have found out some new information about the animal create a fun craft of the animal. Search for your animal on diyThought and we may even have a craft created on your chosen animal! Or read a book like, The Fascinating Animal Book for Kids: 500 Wild Facts!

Ship In A Bottle Day

Make a ship in a bottle to celebrate this fun day. This LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle is a fantastic alternative to the traditional ship in a bottle.

5 October- World Teachers’ Day

A fantastic day to celebrate teachers all around the globe. Why not make your teacher a gift to show them how grateful you are of all of their hard work. Have a look at these round-ups for lots of great teacher gift ideas.

6 October- Badger Day

Learn about these fascinating animals on Badger Day. Create your own craft or do a drawing of a badger!

First Saturday Of The Month- World Card Making Day

Get out all of your cardmaking supplies and make some cards for World Card Making Day. This DIY Cutout Rocket Card and the Toilet Roll Heart Stamp Cards are super fun cards for kids to make.

8 October- World Octopus Day

Octopuses are super interesting! Did you know that they have 3 hearts? They are fantastic at camouflage and build their own homes! Have a look at the book, National Geographic Readers: Ink! or one of our favorite books, Could an Octopus Climb a Skyscraper? which includes lots of great octopus facts in a fun and engaging story.

10 October- Cake Decorating Day

Bake a cake or cupcakes and get decorating to celebrate Cake Decorating Day. Check out our Food Decor section for lots of cake decorating inspirations and tutorials.

20 October- International Sloth Day

sloth day

Slow down and take time to relax on International Sloth Day. Have a look at these sloth activities for lots of sloth fun!

21 October-

Apple Day

A is for apple and Apple Day. Create crafts of apples or perhaps do some baking with apples today.

Reptile Awareness Day

Learn about reptiles for Reptile Awareness Day. You could visit the zoo or reptile park or create a reptile craft or drawing to celebrate this special day.

26 October- Pumpkin Day

pumpkin day

Pumpkin’s crafts are always so much fun! Get ready for Halloween by decorating or carving a pumpkin. Or make some Rag Bag/ Scrap Fabric Toilet Paper Pumpkins. Have a look at these 7 Diy Pumpkin Inspired Crafts for more crafty fun.

28 October- Plush Animal Lovers Day

Have a party with your favorite plush animals or sew a new plush animal. Have a look through our Sewing, Crochet, and Knitting section for lots of plush animal inspiration including mini felt softies that are perfect for beginners to hand-sew.

29 October- Cat Day

A day for all of the cat lovers! Make a cat craft with these 5 Cat Crafts For Young Children. Or a gift for your cats such as this DIY Multipurpose Cat Bed or DIY Cactus Cat Scratching Post.

31 October- Halloween


Halloween needs no introduction! There are so many fun crafts and activities that can be done to celebrate this very fun date. Have a look through our Halloween section for lots of inspiration.

Thank-you for stopping by. You can see more Crafty Days of the year here.

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