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7 Kids Exploding Experiments

Does your kid want to make something go BOOM? Fair enough, it doesn’t get much more exciting than an exploding science experiment which is why we have put together this fun list of 7 kids exploding experiments. From volcanos to soda geysers and unicorn toothpaste there are lots of exploding fun to be had here.

Miss 5 has been wanting to make an exploding volcano for a while now. The school holidays are coming up so that wish may just come true! Once she and her sister see this list they will be wanting to do them all. Which will you try first? You might even have most of the needed ingredients at home!

7 Kids Exploding Experiments

exploding experiments

1.Erupting Volcano

erupting volcano science experiment

It turns out that there are quite a few different methods that can be used to create an exploding volcano. Most use a base of baking soda and vinegar. The volcano itself can also be created from a variety of different materials. To extend the fun creating a volcano from paper mache is lots of fun or alternatively a sand volcano would be quick and easy. How Things Work details all of the different methods that can be used. They have even tested them out for you so all you have to do is to pick the method that you think sounds best!

2. Balloon Chemistry

balloon chemistry

What will happen when you combine baking soda and vinegar into a bottle sealed with a balloon? Will it explode, inflate or stay the same? Possibly not much exploding going on but this is one fun science experiment that kids will love. Head over to Little Bins For Little Hands to find out more.

3. Ivory Soap Experiment

ivory soap experiment

This is one simple experiment to do! All that is needed is ivory soap, a plate, and a microwave. Will you get the same results with a different brand of soap? Chances are no as Ivory soap is one of the few brands of soap that floats in water due to the air bubbles whipped into the soap. The air bubbles in the soap contain water molecules which expand when heated up. You can read more about the science behind this experiment over at Steve Spangler Science and you can find out more information and see this experiment in action over at Housing A Forest.

4. Exploding Baggie Experiment

exploding bag experiment

Watch the bag explode open by the chemical reaction on vinegar combined with baking soda. We love how easy this experiment is to set up and the addition of food color makes it even more fun! Head over to Coffee Cups And Crayons to find out all of the details you need to complete this exploding experiment.

5. Unicorn Rainbow Toothpaste

unicorn rainbow toothpaste science

Kids will be amazed watching this stunning rainbow science experiment. This experiment uses Hydrogen peroxide, food coloring, liquid dish soap, dry active yeast and lukewarm water. When combined the liquid turns into an exploding rainbow. Make sure kids are well supervised when doing this experiment but the foam is safe to play with, just not the liquid. The other super cool thing about this exploding experiment is that it is exothermic, meaning it gives off heat! Visit Science Kiddo to find out more.

6. Mentos Geysers

mentos geyser

Create your own Mentos Geyser using Mentos and Diet Soda. This geyser went at least 20 feet in the air! Head over to I Can Teach My Child to find out more about this awesome exploding experiment.

7. Pop Rockets

pop rockets using antacid

This experiment is super fun! The adorable rocket has been made out of a mini M&M container and the exploding action happens by combing antacids and water. When water and antacid mix, carbon dioxide gas is produced. The pressure inside the rocket eventually builds up enough to break off the lid and launch the rocket into the air. Now there is a good excuse to buy yourself some mini M&Ms! Visit Playdough To Plato to learn more about this experiment.

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