hand painted rocks

Amazing Hand Painted Rocks

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Be inspired by the very talented rock artist Susan Wolfe. Susan creates the most amazing hand painted rocks. They truly are a work of art! The hardest part of rock painting is often deciding what to paint which is why it is great to look to other artists to gather new and fresh ideas. Along with plenty of inspiration, we cover the basics on what you need to paint your own rocks.

My absolute favorite part of diyThought is discovering incredibly talented people and sharing their work to help inspire others to create. I am sure you will agree Susan is one of these incredibly talented people and after viewing her work you will be eager to paint rocks of your own!

Amazing Hand Painted Rocks

hand painted rocks tutorial


Much of the inspiration behind Susan’s stunning rocks have been found on Pinterest. Pinterest is the perfect place for anyone to look for ideas of all sorts of different craft and DIY projects. We love the vibrant colors that Susan has used when painting her rocks. Her work often features bright colors which really ‘pop’ alongside the contrasting dark colors.

painted rocks village scene
tree and fish painted rock

Where To Find Rocks

Susan Wolfe finds most of her rocks from landscaping yards. Rocks can also be found by some lakes and at beaches. The advantage of visiting your local landscaping yard is being able to select the size and shape that you are after. Amazon also sells a range of suitable rocks for painting from these dark rocks to these light color rocks. When buying online make sure to check the size guide to avoid any surprises when your package arrives!

moon painted rock
painted rock design

Types Of Paints

Susan’s rocks have been painted with acrylic paints. The quality of acrylic paints can vary greatly. Often the acrylic paints that are marketed towards children won’t give the vibrancy desired for rock painting. Folk Art has a range of acrylic paints that are ideal for rock painting as they are weather-resistant and do not require the added use of a primer or sealer. Test pots from your local hardware store can also be great to use. If you are looking for an easier way to paint rocks consider using paint pens. These pens come in both oil paint and acrylic paint. Paint pens are perfect for beginners but many people still prefer the traditional method of paint and a brush. Try the paints you have at home as you may find they work really well for rock painting.

gecko painted rock
how to paint rocks. Bird, cat and tree.

Sealing & Displaying

Depending on the paint used and where you are going to display your rocks you may need to use something to seal your rocks. This is especially important for rocks displayed outside. There is a range of varnishes and sealers that can be used, gloss, matte, applied with a brush or spray. If you are keeping your rocks indoors then it is perfectly ok to leave them unsealed.

Heart and leaf painted rock

Add On Shells

We love the addition of the painted shells and rock to create this beach scene. This is a great way to add interest and original touch to a painted rock.

beach scene painted rock with shells

We absolutely love all of Susan’s hand-painted rocks! From the designs to the colors used, her rocks are incredible. She is excellent at using contrasting colors and getting the balance of detail just right.

flower painted rocks

Used as paperweights, treasures to find in the garden or to brighten up the home. Rock painting is a fun activity that everyone can do. Children love painting, hiding and finding rocks which makes it a great family activity. The small size of rocks is perfect for anyone who is likely to get overwhelmed painting on a bigger scale. Have a go at creating your own painted rocks, the possibilities are endless once you get started!

houses painted rocks

Find all of the items you need to create your own amazing hand painted rocks here.

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