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Best Tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home

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If you don’t want to pay for a jeweler to clean your jewelry, there are many ways you can polish it at home. A few DIY tips can save you money and help you identify issues like loose settings. To make your jewelry sparkly and shiny again, follow these tips and tricks to clean your jewelry from the comfort of your house.

Best Tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home

What Is the Jewelry Type?

There are multiple cleaning techniques for different types of jewelry. For example, gold and silver have other cleaning methods than gemstones and pearls. Identify what kind you have to determine what cleaner you will use. If unsure, consider going to a professional to ensure you don’t damage anything by accident.

Glamorous Gold Cleaner

Gold and silver are the most popular types of jewelry, but there are separate ways to clean them. Gold jewelry requires a specific cleaning solution you can find online or at typical retailers like Walmart.

You could use warm water and mild dish soap if you don’t have the cleanser. Be careful when scrubbing your gold jewelry and don’t rinse it in the sink. Use a bowl or a glass to remove whichever cleaning method you use, ensuring it doesn’t slip down the drain.

Cleaning Silver Solutions

Similarly, you can clean silver jewelry with a liquid cleansing solution tailored to the metal. However, you must ensure you don’t have diamonds or gemstones in your silver jewelry before you use the liquid cleanser.

Liquid cleansers can be dangerous for plating, so it might be best to take it to a professional. You can quickly tarnish silver by exposing it to air or chemicals, so a safer way to clean it is to use polishing cloths and make them shine like new. If you don’t have one on hand, a jeweler would be glad to provide you with one or do it for you.

Gentle With Gemstones

Diamonds are durable gemstones you can safely steam, cleanse with ultrasonics, or use soap and a soft brush to clean. They are durable enough to withstand most ways of cleaning them as long as there aren’t any loose fittings.

Other gemstones require special care and come with various cleaning methods. Gemstones possess unique characteristics and healing properties that respond differently to cleaning solutions. However, you can safely wash plenty of gems with mild soap and warm water. Amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, sapphires, and opals are okay to clean this way. Ensure the water isn’t too hot — some stones are sensitive to heat — fill a small bowl with warm water and one or two drops of dish soap and mix it up. Then, use a soft-bristled brush with soapy water to gently scrub your jewelry and dry it off with a lint-free cloth to avoid snagging.

Pretty In Pearls

Pearls are delicate and sensitive jewelry. You can easily scratch or damage your pearls, so proceed with caution when cleaning them at home. Use lukewarm water to clean your pearls since they are so sensitive to heat and cold. Fill a large enough bowl to cover your pearls with water and mix it with a minimal amount of mild soap. It’s essential to avoid soaking any pearl jewelry, as it can damage their protective coating. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe them down with water and gentle soap, drying thoroughly after cleaning.

Make Your Jewelry Shine at Home

These various cleaning methods offer many avenues for cleaning your jewelry at home. If you are scared of damaging your jewelry or want to be safe, you can always take it to a cleaner. Be sure to do your research and identify what kind of jewelry you have before trying out these helpful tips.

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