magazine and box house craft

Cardboard & Magazine House Craft

Grab an old box and an old magazine to complete this cardboard & magazine house craft. A great way to have some crafting fun using resources you already have at home. Who will be looking out of the window of your house?

This craft was inspired by our Recycled Magazine Apartment Building Craft. The houses today differ as the house shape has been cut from a box and the magazine cuttings are glued directly onto the box opposed to paper. You can use either technique but the one shown today is somewhat simpler than the apartment building craft.

Such a lovely way to use up magazines but using photos is a great alternative. Using photos inside of the windows would make a lovely gift for a loved one.

Cardboard & Magazine House Craft

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recycled magazine house craft

You Will Need

Let’s Get Creating

Gather all of your supplies. Get the children to have a look through the magazine to find suitable pictures while you make the base house. Alternatively, make the base and then invite them over to create.

DIY House Craft from magazines and a box

House Base

To make the house base you will need one side of a cardboard box, a ruler and a craft knife. Kids, make sure you get an adult to do this part!

Using the ruler and craft knife cut out the shape of a house. Our houses measured 22 cm/ 8.5 inches tall and the windows were approximately 4 cm/ 1.5 inches. You can make your house as large or small as you like but this size works well for finding pictures to glue into the windows.

Fill The Windows

Have a look through a magazine for pictures/ photos to display in the windows. When you find a picture that you like cut it out so it is a little larger than the window.

Turn your house over and using the glue stick, glue around the outside of the window. Place the picture right side down so the picture shows through the window when you turn it over. Repeat this step until all of the windows are filled.

Find a larger pattern in the magazine that you like. Cut a triangle shape of this pattern and stick on the roof. An alternative to this is to collage the roof with lots of smaller cut out pieces of the magazine.

Extend This Activity

Not ready for the fun to be over? Try sticking your house to a piece of paper and decorate the background. You can use pens, crayons, pencils or cut out more pictures from the magazine to create your own original scene.

Cardboard box and magazine house craft

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