recycled sensory math heart puzzle

Sensory Heart Math Puzzle

Have fun with maths and this easy to put together Sensory Heart Math Puzzle game. Made from a recycled box and our free heart math printables this is a low-cost activity that is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time of the year! We have even included some blank hearts that you can print out to create your own math equations so you can focus on what your child is currently working on in math or add other fun activities like, spin while clapping to 20!

Sensory Heart Math Puzzle

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Sensory Heart Math Puzzle

Practice math in a fun way with this sensory heart math puzzle. It is perfect for engaging kids and practicing counting, addition, and subtraction. The blank hearts are perfect for older children who may be focusing on multiplication or division or use them to add some extra fun challenges such as, do 10 star jumps! It is up to you how you would like to use this sensory math puzzle!

We have added Red Split Lentils to our sensory heart math puzzle but you can use anything you like. A fun option is colored rice which we used in our Cardboard Tube Fish Art. Dried rice is great to use as it is affordable and a great sensory resource for kids. To make the colored rice we simply added a few drops of liquid food coloring into the rice and stirred it all together before leaving it to dry. You could also use things such as, scrunched up tissue paper, or fun colored feathers which can be found in most craft shops.

Sensory Heart Math Puzzle

You Will Need

The Printables

Click the link under the images to print or to save for later use. You can scale down the size of the hearts on the printer settings if you are wanting to create a smaller heart sensory puzzle.

Let’s Get Creating

Sensory Heart Math Puzzle

Start by gathering all of the materials needed listed under the, You Will Need List. If you are wanting to glue the math hearts onto cardboard consider using an old breakfast cereal box or similar as these thin boxes are much easier to cut. Gluing the math hearts onto cardboard is a good idea if you are wanting to reuse this activity.

Make The Heart Base

To make the heart cut a large flat side off a cardboard box for the base piece to stick the heart onto. Cut two thin strips of cardboard, this will be used to make the heart. Gently bend each strip on cardboard into a half heart shape. Place these pieces onto the cardboard base and carefully draw around with the pencil and remove them. You should now have a heart shape drawn on your cardboard base. If you are not happy with your heart then redo this step until you get the shape right.

Heat up your hot glue gun. You will need to work quickly with this step. Glue one side of the cardboard heart on at a time. Follow your pencil mark with the hot glue and then stick the cardboard strip into place. Repeat with the other side of the heart. If desired paint the background of the heart. This could be a fun activity for the kids!

Prep The Printable Hearts

If you are wanting the hearts to last then it is a good idea to cut them out and glue them onto cardboard. You can either use the same cardboard box or a thinner piece of cardboard. We painted our hearts red before gluing on the math heart printable. Alternatively, print and cut out all of the hearts that you are wanting to use.

Set Up & Play

Place the hearts that you are wanting to use face-up in the cardboard heart base. Pour over the red lentils or alternative resources. Have your child go hunting for a heart. Once they have found the heart get them to answer the equation before moving onto the next one. If doing the number count have your child identify the number and then put the number in order.

We played this game as a family so put all of the math hearts into the cardboard heart base and had turns drawing them out. Whoever was more suited to answering the question did so. We also added some fun activities such as, sing a nursery rhyme or do a high-five which we all did when they were drawn out of the heart.

If you make and play this game with your children please let us know how it went in the comments below!

Sensory Heart Math Puzzle

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