DIY Activity Advent Calendar

Make your own DIY activity advent calendar with our free printables. Activity advent calendars are simple to make, low cost and lots of fun for kids! Starting on the 1st of December, each day reveal the activity behind the matching date. What will it be? Fun activities like ringing the grandparents to sing them a Christmas song and making hot chocolate. We have 32 different activities to choose from so you can pick the ones that suit your family. You can even use these printables to add to a homemade gift advent calendar! Whichever way you use this printable it is guaranteed to provide lots of Christmas fun.

DIY Activity Advent Calendar

Activity advent calendars are simple to make using these printables. Simply click on the printable files, print and make up your own DIY activity advent calendar.

Keep it simple and simply sick an activity on the back of each number or hole-punch and tie the number and activity together. Make it as simple or elaborate as you like! There are so many different ways to make your advent calendar. Purchase little mesh bags and reuse year after year and add in candy and other small treats. Simply use wrapping paper to make pockets to place the activities in or buy small envelopes. The advent calendars made by using small boxes are super cute.

Tie each date to a long string or ribbon. Other ideas include tieing them in lengths to a branch or driftwood. Use an old frame and attach string running the length of the frame and attach it to that. Or hang each date to the Christmas tree! It is up to you how you display your DIY activity advent calendar.

The Dates

Print out the numbers below and cut out. Stick each to a small box or use a hole-punch to make a hole and attach them to the activity cards or small bags.


Print out these activity sheets and decide which activities you would like to use. Make your own activities if there is something special that you would love to do with the kids that isn’t already on our list. Place these activities into individual bags or envelopes or stick onto the back of the numbers.


We have written a detailed article on how we constructed our DIY activity advent calendar here. Really there is no wrong or right way here. Get creative and come up with a design that suits your needs. We stuck each number onto Christmas cardstock and then stuck the activity onto the back of that. If you are wanting to include little gifts then consider securing the numbers onto little bags and putting the activity and treat inside the bag. No matter how you construct your DIY advent calendar it is sure to be amazing and provide lots of fun for your little ones.

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