Happy New Year- 2020 DIY Window Clings

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Can you believe it, it is almost 2020?! Talk about living in the future! To celebrate the new year we have created these Happy New Year- 2020 DIY Window Clings/ Stickers.

Window clings/ stickers are window stickers that you can make yourself! They are very simple to make, are lots of fun and a great way to decorate your home for the new year.

Made by using puffy fabric paint and our free printable they really couldn’t be easier. They also save a ton of money compared to the window cling kits that are available to buy. AND you can use your fabric paint for all sorts of other cool DIY projects!

Happy New Year- 2020 DIY Window Clings/ Stickers

Making your own DIY window clings are super fun. Honestly, this activity keeps our girls (5 & 8) occupied for ages! It is a mess-free craft that kids can get really creative with. A bit like painting without the clean-up.

Get creative with the free printable. Patterns, different colors, it is up to you! Simply print, pop the printable into a snaplock plastic bag and decorate. You can even use the printable as a coloring page after.

You Will Need

What To Do

Print out the free printable above and place the printable inside the plastic bag. There are two sizes to choose from. The smaller size will use less fabric paint and easier to complete while the larger size will really stand out.

Use the fabric paints to outline and decorate the 2020 printable. Apply the fabric paint so it is fairly thick as this will help with removing the window cling from the bag with ease.

Leave until completely dry. This is very important, a wet window cling will not come off the plastic bag well and possibly tear. Gently remove from the bag. It is very important not to make contact from one part of your window cling to another part as they will stick together and become almost impossible to part. To remove the larger 2020 window cling that is connected I carefully draped it over my hand as it was removed. Stick onto your window.

Window clings can be removed and relocated to a different spot but they will harden and become more difficult to remove in one piece if left on your window for months.

Window clings are also great to decorate other things such as phones, laptops, lunch boxes, or even drinking glasses!

Click here to get our free Halloween window cling printable. A great way to create a spooky window display.

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