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We Love The Earth Printable Recycled Craft

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Reflect on what you love about planet earth this earth day with this fun We Love The Earth Printable Recycled Craft. This is a fun earth craft that is fun for kids of all ages! Simply print the free earth printable (or draw your own) and transfer it to a recycled cardboard box. Then add on all of the great things that you love about the earth. We even have another free printable of items that you can include on your cardboard earth!

Once it has all been colored and made children can have fun moving the different parts around to make their own earth layout. Can you figure out what belongs where? What do you love most about the earth? What can we do to help to protect the earth? A great interactive activity that is perfect to encourage discussion around the earth in a fun way.

We Love The Earth Printable Recycled Craft

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We Love The Earth Printable Recycled Craft

This craft has been inspired by Earth Day and the book, This Pretty Planet. This Pretty Planet is a lovely book is based on the song “this pretty planet” by Tom Chapin and John Foster. The book celebrates the planet and includes beautiful illustrations by the talented Lee White. One of the illustrations really stood out to us (pictured below) which we based this fun printable craft on.

To give this interactive craft strength the earth printable has been glued onto a recycled cardboard box. The smaller images have been glued onto recycled breakfast box cardboard as this provides strength while still being easy to cut with scissors. As an alternative you could use cardstock however we recommend using recycled cardboard when possible.

This pretty planet book and earth day craft

You Will Need

These are the materials we used to make up this fun interactive earth craft however, you can modify it to suit your needs. A great option would be to draw on the map or to paint the cardboard circle blue and then glue on the land. Or keep it simple and print, color, and stick!

Our Earth Printable

Below you can see the Our Earth printables that we used to make this earth craft. You can choose to use the printables below or draw your own earth onto the cardboard box and other earth accessories onto thinner cardboard such as a breakfast cereal box. The earth printable below it is spread over two pages which means that your earth will be a great kid-friendly size. You can also enlarge or shrink the image under your printer settings.

Let’s Get Creating

how to make We Love The Earth Printable Recycled Craft

A great activity that kids will love. Older children will be able to make most of this We Love The Earth Printable Recycled Craft with just a little help to cut out the thick cardboard box with the craft knife. Younger children can color everything in with colored pencils or pens. Get them to start on the earth while you cut out the circle.

Make Planet Earth

Print out the printables. You will notice you have more of the world map than you will need. Decide on what part of the map you will use and draw a circle around this section. Your circle will go over the two pieces of paper, this is fine as it will be glued together on top of the cardboard box circle cut out. Keeping the math compass open to the same size draw a circle onto the cardboard box. Cut the world map out using scissors and the circle out using the craft knife. Be careful with the craft knife and make sure you protect the surface by placing something like an old magazine under the cardboard box.

Color the map that you have cut out with watercolor pencils, colored pencils, or similar.

Make sure the map joins nicely and cut off any extra paper. Glue both pieces of paper onto the cardboard circle while making sure that the map matches up correctly.

Make The We Love the Earth Objects

Color in the other printable. Once all of the images are colored cut out sections of the objects and glue onto a thin card such as a breakfast cereal box. Repete until they are all glued down. You can create other objects that you love about earth to include or even create objects that cause a negative impact to the earth to encourage a discussion around what is helpful and what is not. Carefully cut around each object.


Place all of the objects around the earth. Let children design their own earth. What will go where? You can discuss with your children where each animal lives. Have a talk about what the animals need to survive and what they eat. How do they benefit the earth? What can we do to make the earth a better place?

We Love The Earth Printable Recycled Craft

Other Fun Activities To Try

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this We Love The Earth Printable Recycled Craft today!

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