fork and toilet paper painted bear craft

Painted Polar Bear Craft

This painted polar bear craft is super easy and SO much fun to make! Suitable for everyone from toddlers (with some help) all the way up. The polar bear is painted on with a choice of options, either a fork or the more environmentally friendly version, a toilet paper roll tube. Again, so simple, yet so effective!

Polar bears are seriously interesting animals! Did you know that they are the largest living carnivores on the planet? They have an amazing sense of smell and can sniff out prey as far as 16km away. They really are fascinating creatures! If you would like to find out more fun facts then be sure to check out National Geographic Kids.

Painted Polar Bear Craft

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paint a polar bear with a fork or toilet paper

You will love painting with a fork or a toilet paper roll tube! It is so simple and so therapeutic to paint using this technique. Add on a newspaper nose, mouth and ears, some googly eyes, and complete the look with some craft box supplies. This really is one art project that kids are sure to love.

Matierials Needed

Let’s Get Creating

Painted Polar Bear Craft

Start by gathering all of your supplies. Will you use a plastic fork or a toilet paper roll tube? If you are opting for the toilet paper roll tube then cut some snips at one end of the tube and gently fold back. Have a look at the photos for clarity.

Dip the fork or toilet paper roll tube into white paint and paint a large circle in the middle of the sheet of colored cardstock. Continue painting until you are happy with your painted bear face circle.

While the paint is drying get the ears and nose/ mouth ready. To make the mouth cut a circle/ oval out of a piece of newspaper. Using the Sharpie or another black pen draw on a nose and mouth. Set aside to glue later. To make the ears, cut out two half-circle ear shapes from white paper. Cut two slightly smaller half-circle ear shapes from the newspaper. Glue the newspaper half circles onto the white paper half circles and then set aside to glue on once the paint has dried.

Painted Polar Bear Craft

Once the paint has dried

Glue on the newspaper nose/mouthpiece and ears with the gluestick. Next glue on the googly eyes. Add all of the final details such as a foam flower crown. Have a look in your craft box and see what creative designs you can come up with! A bow tie would be a super fun polar bear accessory!

Painted Polar Bear Craft

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you had fun making this Painted Polar Bear Craft today!

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