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Black Glue Watercolor Monsters

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Mix up some black glue and create your own black glue watercolor monsters! This is a fun art activity that is a lot of fun for school-aged kids. We made our monsters based on characters in our favorite monster books and then some of different shapes as well as free-formed monsters. Make your monsters how you please, there is no wrong or right when it comes to monsters which work perfectly when working with black glue!

If black glue isn’t easily found where you live it don’t worry as it can be simply made by mixing black paint with clear-drying glue such as PVA. We go into more detail on how to make your own black glue below.

Black Glue Watercolor Monsters

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black glue watercolor monsters

Working with black glue and watercolor paints is something we have wanted to do for ages! I had seen many different amazing black glue projects online and the results are always stunning. It turns out that mixing up and working with black glue is super easy and lots of fun. We went for a monster theme but you can create any image that you like. I do suggest starting with something simple as the black glue might not go quite where you want it every single time. Monsters really are perfect as it doesn’t matter if they are a little funny looking!

You Will Need

Let’s Get Creating

Black glue monster art

Make The Black Glue

Making black glue is very simple. Ideally use a half-empty bottle of PVA glue, add in some black paint, and mix. Use a kebab stick to mix it up quickly. Alternatively use a separate bottle with a nozzle and add in the PVA and black paint and mix together. Add some black paint, stir and then add more black paint if needed. It really doesn’t matter how much black paint you add into the glue, more black paint will result in a runnier mixture.

Monster Outlines

black glue monster outlines

Check that the nozzle to your black glue container isn’t blocked with any old bits of glue. Test out your black glue on a spare piece of paper to make sure that you are happy with how it flows out of the container that you are using.

Gently squeeze out the black glue in long flowing strokes onto a piece of stiff paper into your desired monster shape. We did monsters inspired by the books Eat Your People, and A Monster Wrote Me A Letter. After we finished with the book inspired monsters we moved onto different shapes like a square, triangle, and circle, and then random monster looking shapes.

After drawing out the outlines in the black glue add legs, arms, horns, ears, eyes, mouth, basically any other desired monster detail. Finer detailing can also be added later with a black crayon so don’t get too detailed with the black glue otherwise, it could end out as a giant blob of black glue paint!

Set aside to dry. The black glue must be dry before painting.

Add Crayon Details

Kids always love seeing crayon showing through watercolor paint and this was an easy and fun way to add some extra detail to our monsters. Simply draw crayon lines, spots, or stripes on your monster, when painted over with watercolor paints the crayon will come through against the paint.

Paint The Monsters

Get out the watercolor paints and get painting! Another great thing about monsters is they can be any color that you like!

Leave to dry and cut out if desired. You could then glue them onto a piece of cardstock to make a fun monster card for a friend.

black glue monster art

Other Activities To Try

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making your black glue watercolor monsters today!

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