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Perler Bead Birds

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Get out your Perler/ fuse beads and get creating these fun Perler bead birds! We have created three different bird patterns for you to print out and follow and all for free. A cute little penguin, a blue bird with a purple wing, and a fun flamingo. You can make them any color you like! Once you make these chances are you will be inspired to make your own fun Perler bead bird creations.

Perler Bead Birds

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perler bead birds

For quite some time (we are talking years) we have had Perler beads sitting in our crafting cupboard unused. Occasionally I would take them out but each time our girls were largely uninterested in them. Fast forward to a couple of months ago and the girls can not get enough of our Perler beads, so much so that we had to order more!

Now that our girls have discovered how amazing and fun they are we are moving on to making our own fun designs! Today it is all about birds. A bird that by adjusting the colors could represent many different birds, a flamingo, and a penguin. You can print out our patterns to follow or just use these birds as inspiration for creating your own beautiful bird creations.

You Will Need

Let’s Get Creating

fuse bird patterns

If you are familiar with Perler beads you will know the process involved. It is very simple and lots of fun! You can either look at the photo or print out the bird printables above and use them as a guide to creating your own Perler bead birds.

Place the Perler beads onto the gird one-by-one until the bird image is complete.

Heat the iron to a medium, non-steam setting. Place some non-stick paper over the beads and gently iron in a circular motion for 15- 20 seconds until the beads start to melt and fuse together. Carefully check that the beads have fused together if not iron for a few more seconds.

Flip over the design and remove the board before ironing the other side, repeating the process with the paper.

To prevent your design from bending place a book over the design and leave until it is cool.

Once your design has cooled you can use it for many different things. Keep it as is or add on a ribbon or yarn and hang as a decoration. They can be used as keychains or as an awesome bag tag. Stick onto a folded piece of cardstock and make a unique card for a special friend.

perler bead/ fuse bead birds

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making these Perler bead birds!

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