crafty days in september

Crafty Days In September

Have some fun with these crafty days in September! These days aren’t specifically about crafts rather the important and fun celebrated days of September that could be fun to make crafts for. Use these special days for crafty inspiration for yourself or with your children. We love days that are dedicated to special holidays and events that we can make crafts and fun activities for! Some of the days we are really looking forward to include, Doodle Day, International Red Panda Day and, Cooking Day!

Making crafts with children gives the opportunity to talk about the special day, and adults to reflect on why the day is important. Or maybe it is just a day for celebrating something fun either way we don’t really need much of an excuse to have some crafty fun!

Crafty Days In September

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Crafty Days In September

All Month

These fantastic events run month-long so are perfect to work around the other special days in September.

Read A New Book Day
Crafty Days In September- reading

Try to read a book every day this month. If possible get to the library or have a look at kindle for a selection of new books. You can record all of the books you read this month on our free Printable Reading Log & Book Review charts.

Sewing Month

September is the perfect month to get sewing! We have many great sewing posts! Some of our favorites include our Easy Felt Llama Softie and Sew A Felt Narwhal, these are hand-sewn and easy enough for kids.


4 September- National Wildlife Day

National Day focuses on endangered species, preservation, and conservation efforts around the world. From marine animals to all other wildlife! Learn about the different animal habitats and what we need to do to protect them. Why not make a fun craft about your favorite wildlife creature? Here are a few fun crafts to pick from or make up your own!

5 September- Pet Rock Day

Find a rock, paint a rock for Pet Rock Day! Make it pet-like by painting on eyes or glue on some googly eyes.

6 September- Read A Book Day

Read a book on Read A Book Day! Extend the fun to make a craft of your favorite book. We made the monsters above using DIY black glue and watercolor paints. You could use this technique to create your favorite character from one of your books.

9 September- Teddy Bear Day

Spend time with your teddy bears today. Have a picnic, make a craft with your teddy bear or make a teddy bear craft. The round-up, 8 Fun Bear Crafts That Preschoolers Will Love includes lots of fun crafts!

10 September- Alpaca Day

Learn about alpacas for Alpaca Day. You could visit an alpaca farm or draw a picture of an alpaca. Have a look at How To Draw Llamas & Sloths, alpacas look very similar to llamas but with smaller ears and a smaller more blunt-looking face.

13 September- Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

kids in the kitchen day

Prepare to have lots of baking and cooking fun today and possibly a bit of mess! Have a look through our recipes to find something yummy to make.

15 September- Make A Hat Day

How about making a baby hat for Make A Hat Day, 10 Adorable Baby Hats To Make. Kids will love making one of these Collage Magazine Crowns.

16 September- Playdough Day

Make some playdough or purchase some to play with on this super fun day. This DIY Playdough Monster Play is lots of fun. Use your old playdough to make one of these DIY Squishy Balloon & Playdough Stress Balls.

Third Saturday in September- International Red Panda Day

Did you know that red panda are endangered? There are fewer than 10,000 in the wild, their largest threats are poaching and loss of habitat.  National Geographic Readers: Red Pandas is a great book that is full of all sorts of interesting red panda facts.

19 September- Batman Appreciation Day

Everyone who loves Batman is sure to enjoy this fun day! Dress up as Batman, make a craft or snuggle up and watch a Batman movie.

22 September-

Elephant Appreciation Day

Learn about elephants and what we can do to care for them on Elephant Appreciation Day. The book Elephants is a great book for learning all about these fascinating creatures. This Toilet Paper Tube Elephant is a great recycled kids craft.

Doodle Day
doodle day

Get out some paper and get doodling for Doodle Day. Have a look at our, How To Draw section for lots of drawing inspiration and tutorials.

World Rhino Day

Learn about rhinos and research organizations that help to protect these fascinating animals.

25 September-

Cooking Day
cooking day

Another day in September to have fun cooking! What will it be today? How about some Banana & Chia Pikelets or our yummy Marshmallow Strawberry Shortcake Slice!

Rabbit Day

Rabbit lovers come together to celebrate their furry friends. Make your rabbit a special meal, a card, or create a fun rabbit craft. These 5 Adorable Crochet Toy Bunny Rabbit Patterns are fabulous for anyone skilled in crochet!

Comic Book Day

Get out your comic books and use them for inspiration to make your own comic!

27 September- Family Day

Spend this day doing crafts and fun DIY projects with your family.

More Monthly Crafty Days found here.

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