Simple Balloon Yo-yo

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If you are looking for a simple activity to do with the kids then this is the one for you! A simple balloon yo-yo is fun to make and will provide hours of entertainment. This isn’t a traditional yo-yo which can be tricky for children to master but a balloon ball attached to a rubber band which makes it perfect for young children.



Simple Balloon Yo-yo

You Will Need:

-x2 balloons of different colors

-Play dough. Click here for our recipe.

-Large rubber bands or multiple small rubber bands.




-Stretch open a balloon and fill with play dough. I stretched the balloon open while Miss 4 filled it up. You could also try using sand, rice or flour if you don’t have any play dough. Tie knot.

-Cut holes into the second balloon. Stretch the second balloon over the first play dough filled balloon so the color shows through the holes. Tie knot.

-Cut the rubber band into one long piece and tie it around the knot of the balloon. If you are using multiple small rubber bands don’t cut them (extra strength) and tie them together so you have one long band.


This fun yo-yo is a great was to practice eye-hand coordination. We created a fun game with shapes and colored plastic bowls on the ground. Someone calls out either a color or shape and the child/ren race to bounce their yo-yo on the matching piece. Miss 4 thought it was great fun to do it as fast as possible while Miss 2 enjoyed the challenge of correctly locating the correct color or shape.






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  1. bridget dyer June 17, 2021 at 9:50 am - Reply

    I had one if these as a child. We loved them! So pleased to find a diy version so I can make them for my kids.

    • Kelly Sanderson September 20, 2021 at 11:47 am - Reply

      Such fun to play with! Happy to hear that you will be making them for your kids :)

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