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5 Free Letter E Printable Worksheets

Learn about the letter E with these 5 free letter E printable worksheets. There are all sorts of different worksheets here to encourage children to learn the letter E because learning should be fun! Simply print the free worksheets and then complete them. They are perfect to be done at home or in a classroom setting. From letter tracing worksheets, find the letter E and even mazes. There is sure to be a printable here that will help your child learn to recognize the letter E in a fun way!

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5 Free Letter E Printable Worksheets

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Learning the alphabet is so much fun and these 5 letter E printable worksheets are very helpful. You can learn about the letter E and the other letters of the alphabet without a pen and paper.

Other great ways to learn letters include:

All of our free printables are available to print from the pdf file at the bottom of this post. Select under your printer settings which pages you are wanting to print.

1. Find The Same Letter

A fun worksheet where all the letter E’s get circled. Extend this activity by counting how many letter E’s have been found. For children that adore counting and math, count up and make a simple bar graph to show how many of each letter is featured in this activity.

2. Letter E e Mazes

Help capital E find lowercase e by heading through the maze. Four fun different letter E mazes are sure to keep kids busy. The top mazes are slightly simpler than the bottom two mazes.

3. Color By E

Color all of the Capital E’s in blue and all of the lowercase e’s in yellow and discover the letter E picture. This is a great color by letters printable worksheet that will help with letter recognition and fine motor skills.

4. Letter E Tracing

Practice writing the letter Ee with this fun writing printable. Now try tracing the four words that all start with the letter E. This is a simple letter tracing sheet that can be printed multiple times until your child masters writing the letter E. It can also be laminated and used with a whiteboard marker and used over and over again.

5. Color The Letter E

Have fun with coloring with this letter E printable worksheet. Color all of the E’s in any color of your choice. Lots of fun for all ages.

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