Clover Sensory Sight Words

Learn sight words in a fun way with this engaging clover sensory sight words activity. Simply make up the clover sensory puzzle base from an old cardboard box and our free printable and then add in any words that your child is currently working on. Add in some green rice and you have a fun activity that kids are sure to love!

The clover base can also be used for maths equations or learning numbers or letters. Simply switch out the cards that go into your clover sensory sight words base. Have a look at our sensory heart math puzzle to get some free printable maths cards that are perfect to add to your clover.

Clover Sensory Sight Words

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clover sensory sight words

The great thing about sensory puzzles is they are a fantastic way to practice things such as sight words and math. Not only do they get kids learning in a fun way but they are very affordable and easy to make! Today we have made a four-leaf clover as we are having GREEN month over on Instagram and of course the clover/ shamrock fits in with Saint Patrick’s Day which is approaching.

These sensory puzzles can seem a little daunting to make at first but once you have made your first one you will see how simple they really are to make. The rice is SO simple to make but you can also use other items such as green split peas or scrunched up green tissue paper. You can also save your colored rice for your next puzzle. Always a plus when you can reuse resources!

Materials Needed

The Printables

All of the printables can be printed for free from the links below the clover image. This image shows an example of the three different clovers that you can print to make your clover sensory sight words puzzle from. We used the clover with the green base and heart-like shaped leaves. The white clover is a great choice if you want to save on ink, you could even get the kids to paint or decorate the inside of the clover to extend the activity and fun. All of the clover choices are listed under, clover, so select the clover you want to use and print the pages that you need. The clovers are split over two pages each to make it large enough for this activity.

We have also included some sight words. These may or may not be suitable for your child. You can type up (or write out) a list of sight words your child is busy learning. You could also add letters or numbers for younger children.

Finally, we have included, fun actions to make this game so much more fun! I have found that our Miss 6 really responds to these activities when fun actions are added so I really do recommend adding these in or creating your own fun actions.

colver printable

Let’s Get Creating

how to make clover sensory sight words game

Four Leaf Clover Base

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed above. Make the clover base. To do this you will need to cut some thin strips of cardboard from your box. This will be used to make the sides of the clover by bending them and sticking them onto the cardboard box base. Ideally, you will have four strips of cardboard to go around each leaf of the clover. It is much easier gluing them a little at a time rather than all at once.

Cut out your clover printable. You should have two pieces. Cut them both out and then join them together to make one clover. Place this onto your cardboard box base and make sure you are happy with the position before gluing down with the glue stick.

Bend the cardboard strips gently and place them around the outline of the clover. Make sure you have enough cardboard to outline the entire clover. You do not want gaps or the rice will get out! Now glue around the edge of the clover with the hot glue gun to cover the length of the first stip of cardboard. You will need to work fairly quickly and it doesn’t take long for hot glue to dry. Repeat this until you have cardboard around the entire clover. If needed add a little more hot glue so there are no gaps for escaping rice.

sensory clover sight word activity

Color The Rice

This step is super fun and one that the kids might like to help with. Place some rice into a bowl or container. Add a few drops of green food coloring and stir with a spoon. If the rice isn’t green enough then add more food coloring and stir again. Set aside.

Sight Words

Print out your list of sight words and fun actions. Cut around each word and action. Once all of the words and actions are cut out, put them inside of the clover. Tip on the rice to cover all of the sight words.


playing the four leaf clover sight word game

Have your child/ children search for and pull out one of the sight words/ action cards and say out loud the word on the card. Miss 6 and I played together by taking turns to find and read a sight word card. She loved searching through all of the rice and especially liked the action cards.

Other Fun Activities

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this clover sensory sight word activity today!

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