8 Activities To Make Bathtime Fun

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Bathtime can sometimes be a challenging task for parents, especially when it comes to convincing reluctant little ones to get in the tub. However, with a bit of creativity and some fun activities, you can transform this daily routine into an enjoyable and exciting experience for your kids. In this article, we will explore eight engaging activities that will make bathtime a fun and memorable adventure for your children.

8 Activities To Make Bathtime Fun

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1. Bath Crayons

bath cryaon

Bring out your child’s inner artist by providing them with colorful bathtub crayons. These specially formulated crayons can be used to draw on the tub walls or even on their own skin, as they are easily washable. Encourage their creativity and let their imagination run wild while they explore their artistic abilities during bathtime. Try making your own bath crayons using this recipe by Parenting Chaos.

2. Bath Paint

DIY bath paint

Let your kids paint up a fantastic creation with this bath paint recipe created by Parenting Chaos. What we love most about this recipe is how simple it is to make. Using cornstarch, kid-friendly soap, and food coloring this arty resource is safe for kids bathtime as well as a lot of fun!

3. Bath Bombs

Bath bomb recipe

Make bathtime a sensory experience by incorporating bath bombs into the routine. These colorful and fragrant balls dissolve in the water, releasing enticing scents and vibrant hues. Children will be captivated by the fizzing action and the magical transformation of the water. This recipe is super easy to make, so a perfect activity to get the kids involved in. Or try your hand at this fun bath bomb recipe by Dollar Crafter which contains a surprise duck that kids are sure to love!

4. Musical Bathtime

Add a musical twist to the bath routine by playing your child’s favorite tunes or nursery rhymes. Sing along and create your own water drumming session. Musical bathtime not only adds a playful element but can also help with rhythm development and stimulate language skills as children learn and memorize lyrics. Finger puppets are a fun way to add some extra fun to music while kids are in the bath. Pop them on your fingers and use the edge of the bath as your stage. We love these Old Macdonald Had A Farm finger puppets. Add plastic animal toys to the bath to really have fun with this song!

5. Bath Playdough

Bath playdough recipe

Children will not want to get out of this bath with this soothing bath playdough to play with! Made with bath-safe, non-toxic ingredients this is one bathtime idea that is really fun. With added lavender essential oil hopefully, your little one will have a good night’s sleep too!

6. Water Toys

Introduce a variety of floating toys and water games to keep your little ones entertained during bathtime. From rubber ducks to boats and submarines, the options are endless. Encourage imaginative play, such as organizing a boat race or creating underwater adventures. These toys not only provide amusement but also help develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate cognitive skills. Water toys need not cost a lot, consider using a milk jug to make a boat. Kids love to be able to see their creations in action and boat-making is a fun way to keep kids busy for an afternoon.

7. Floating City STEM Challenge

Bath STEM challenge

Extend on water toys for bathtime and use foam blocks and challenge your kids to build a floating city. When the foam blocks get wet, they stick together thanks to surface tension. This means that you can make buildings that float however the challenge is in not letting the movement of water knock them down. Head over to Taming Little Monsters to learn more about this fun activity.

8. Water Experiments

Transform your bathtub into a mini science lab with water experiments. Allow your kids to explore the concept of buoyancy by testing different objects for floatation or sinking. Use containers, funnels, and cups to demonstrate the principles of pouring and water displacement. These simple experiments will spark curiosity and foster a love for learning while making bathtime educational and enjoyable. Again there is no need to spend money here, yogurt pottles and clean containers that you already own work perfectly.

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