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Yarn Wrapped Fish Craft

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This yarn wrapped fish craft is the perfect craft for all arty kids! It combines painting with yarn wrapping which results in one super cool fish craft. Made using a recycled box base this is a very low-cost and easy-to-set-up ocean-themed craft that we know your kids will love!

Pick your favorite color, rummage through that yarn container and get creative with today’s fun kid’s activity.

Yarn Wrapped Fish Craft

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We love a good ocean-themed craft over here at diyThought! They seem to be loved by all children and also tend to be fairly simple, perfect to get the creative juices flowing. If you also love ocean-themed crafts then be sure to check out some of the following crafts that would all be suitable to do alongside this yarn wrapped fish craft.

This yarn wrapped fish craft is super simple. Made using a fish printable transferred onto an old cardboard box, painted, and then wrapped in yarn. Sometimes the most simple craft can be the most fun!

Materials Needed

  • One side of an old cardboard box. A packing box is ideal as it needs to be firm enough not to bend when wrapped with yarn.
  • Watercolor paints. You can use any paint but we like watercolor paints as they tend to be quick to dry.
  • Yarn.
  • Sharpie or another pen.
  • Scissors.
  • Fish printable. Found in our Fish Nature Collage Craft. Make one style of fish or make them both!

Let’s Get Creative

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under Materials Needed and printing off the fish printable. If you do not have a printer then feel free to draw your own fish shape directly onto the box.

Cut out the fish from the printable. Place the cut out fish onto the cardboard and trace around the outline using a Sharpie or other pen. Cut the fish shape out from the cardboard. This is the base of your fish craft. If you can see the pen line, don’t worry, just flip it over and use the other side!

Decide what color paints to use to paint the cardboard fish. We painted just the face, fin, and tail but you can decide how much of the fish you would like to paint. It is fun to paint on patterns or a couple of different colors. Once the paint has dried, paint on an eye. While the paint is drying pick a color of yarn to use and cut off a length. You want enough to be able to cover enough of the fish but not too much that the yarn gets all tangled.

Tie the yarn onto the fish body and then start wrapping it around the cardboard fish. Once the length of yarn has been wrapped around the fish body tie a knot to secure the yard. If needed add another length of yarn.

Step back and admire your yarn wrapped fish craft.

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this Yarn Wrapped Fish Craft today!

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