I bought a dome sphere cake tin the other day to make my daughter a monster cake for her birthday. I was going to do two monster cakes because my cake decorating skills are a bit limited and they are pretty simple but have decided I may try something different for her second cake which started my hunt for a monster alternative kids dome sphere cake. My daughter is getting two birthdays this year, one with family and another while we are away (over her actual birthday) with friends, lucky girl!

Oh and during my research, I found out that you don’t need a special dome sphere cake tin, just an oven-safe bowel is fine- duh I should have thought of that!

9 Kids Dome Sphere Cakes

dome sphere shaped cakes

1. Igloo Cake


My little girl absolutely loves penguins so I know she would adore this cake. She Who Bakes provides you with all of the instructions needed to make this igloo cake as well as the gorgeous penguins.

2. Ladybird Dome Sphere Cake


My four year old has decided that she is going to have this ladybird cake for her 5th birthday in 6 months time. This time last year she wanted a swimming pool cake with a cave with a train going through it, thankfully closer to the time she decided mini mouse would be better, phew! Follow this link for the ladybird tutorial.


3. Melted Snowman Cake


Oh no, this snowman is melting! Not really, but this dome sphere cake is such a fun one. click here to find out more.

4. Teapot Cake


This amazing teapot cake would be perfect for both young and older children as well as adults. This tutorial is great, it provides you with step by step directions for every part of this dome sphere teapot cake.

5. Ball Cake

This football cake looks amazing but with a little patience is fairly simple to make. Use this idea to make other round ball cakes. Click here to read the tutorial. 

6. Sweet Bunny Cake


Such a sweet little bunny rabbit. Perfect for an Easter celebration or for a bunny mad youngster. Click here for the full tutorial.

7. Owl Cake


Such an adorable owl cake, this cake will bring a smile to any owl lovers face. Follow this link to find out more.

8. Kitty Cat Dome Sphere Cake


This cute kitty cat is a simple cake which looks great. Included in this link is kitty cat’s best friend bear.

9. Doll Cake


No dome sphere cake list would be complete without a doll cake. click here to find out more.


DIY monster cake


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