Cocoa Playdough & DIY Stamps

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Today we are making Cocoa Playdough & DIY Stamps! So you can make your own playdough that smells amazing and then play with it using your own DIY stamps. How much fun is that!!

The recipe is super easy and quick to make and has been based on our Quick Playdough Recipe. The difference being the amazing chocolate brown color and the added scent that using cocoa brings.

To make the DIY stamps we have used our free printable that has been transferred onto an old cardboard box and then glued to milk jug lids. If you don’t have milk jugs, don’t worry as we also show you how to make them entirely out of old cardboard boxes. As well as another way using hot glue! We talk you through all of the playdough stamp options below.

Cocoa Playdough & DIY Stamps

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Cocoa Playdough & DIY Stamps

Make this amazing cocoa playdough and then make some cool stamps to have a super fun time with your new playdough! Naturally, with our girls, the craft box came out alongside their new stamps. First, they made some cute frogs. They then moved on to making cakes complete with candles and then out came the cookie cutters to make, you guessed it, cookies! Finally, they moved on to using the DIY stamps to make fun designs in the playdough.

Cocoa Playdough

Cocoa Playdough recipe

This playdough is very quick and easy to make. Children can help make this recipe, just make sure an adult adds the boiling water. All the ingredients are added and stirred together before kneading into a soft dough. This recipe makes more than enough for our two girls to play with. They love to make things with playdough and then set them aside while they go on to create other fun creations so if you are short on ingredients then half the recipe, I’m sure you will still have more than enough playdough to have fun with.

DIY Playdough Stamps

 Playdough DIY Stamps

I was after something a bit different for our girls to use with the playdough. Slightly silly of me as they already have a great selection of playdough resources and a very ample craft kit which they always enjoy using with their playdough. It turns out that thanks to the chocolate brown color of the playdough they mainly spent their time making cookies and cakes decorated with rosemary. They did move on to making stamped cookies so not all was lost!

These stamps have been made in a variety of different ways so pick the technique that best suits you. Or do as we did and use all three! WARNING: I thought that using the hot glue gun would be MUCH easier! If using the hot glue gun to go over the designs I suggest you start with the more simple images and be prepared with a kebab stick or something similar to correct your hot glue line. Or perhaps you won’t have any trouble with this! The girls were happy with my hot glue designs, even if they were a little wonkier than I would have liked.

You Will Need

  • Thick cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife, optional
  • The printable below, or make your own designs
  • Pen
  • Hot glue gun. You can try to use other glues if you do not have a hot glue gun. The advantage of the hot glue gun is that it is very strong and quick drying. Possible alternaitives are PVA (make sure it is dry before using) or super glue.
  • Milk jug lids, optional
  • Gluestick and a kebab stick for the hot glue stamps
 DIY Stamp printable

Let’s Make The Stamps

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under ‘You Will Need’. Decided what method you are going to use.

Milk Jug Lids Stamps

To make the milk jug lid stamps cut around the images on the printable that you would like to make stamps of. The best images to use are solid images such as the heart and star. Place the cut out image onto the card and draw around the image with a pen. Use the scissors to now cut out the image from the cardboard. Stick to the milk jug lids using hot glue.

Cardboard Stamps

These cardboard stamps are a good option if you do not have milk jug lids saved up. The method is the same as the milk jug lids stamps but you glue the stamp onto a cardboard frame instead of the milk jug lids. To make the stamp frame cut out a length of cardboard and glue the cutout cardboard stamp in the middle section with the hot glue. Bend the cardboard length to create a triangle and hot glue the two ends together. This makes a great stamper for little hands.

Hot Glue Stamps

The hot glue stamps have been made using the cardboard frame above. Cut the images that you want to use out with a square border and then glue them onto the cardboard lengths with a glue stick. Heat up the hot glue gun and carefully trace around the outlines of the images with hot glue. Use a kebab stick to clean up any mistakes quickly before the hot glue drys.

To use all of these stamps, roll out some playdough and gently press the stamps into the soft dough.

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Cocoa Playdough & DIY Stamps

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed both the cocoa playdough & DIY stamps today!

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  1. Amber September 26, 2023 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    How much dough does this recipe make?

    • Kelly Sanderson November 21, 2023 at 10:17 am - Reply

      Hi Amber, it makes enough for a couple of children to play. It uses 1 1/2 cups flour and some cocoa powder to give you a rough guide on quantity. You could always double the recipe if you need a larger quantity. Thanks, Kelly

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