Expanding On Fluid Art- New Techniques To Try

Expanding on fluid art- new techniques to try, so you have mastered fluid art painting and are wanting to try something more! We have found all of the best tutorials around which expand on fluid art, making your art even more unique. From creating fluid art waves to different pouring techniques we hope you find something new to try here! If you are wanting to find out more about fluid art then check out our other tutorial, How To Create A Fluid Art Masterpiece. If you try one of the awesome fluid art techniques below we would love to see your creations!

Expanding On Fluid Art- New Techniques To Try

1. Holographic Glitter

Add glitter to your fluid art piece to make it really shine! Source here. 

2. Double Bottle Bottom Waterfall Technique

The double bottle bottom waterfall pour technique produces an amazing end result. This video, like the above video, is by Nicky James Burch who is incredibly talented. Check out her other videos for more amazing fluid art tutorials.

3. Ocean Wave

This awesome wave is made by pouring paint and then using a paper towel to swipe through to create a wave. Source link.

4. Flip And Drag

The flip and drag technique is how it sounds, you flip over the paint and drag the cup until desired and then work it to create a stunning masterpiece. Christina Welch has a few other great fluid art tutorials. 

5. Cherry Blossoms

We love all of the techniques gone into this stunning fluid art painting! Deliberately Creative has all sorts of interesting videos over on her YouTube channel. 

6. Stretched Swirl Pour

Swirl the paint on and stretch it out with this fun stretched swirl technique. Check out Myriam’s Nature channel for more fun videos.


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