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Minecraft Creeper Collage

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Crafty Minecraft kids are sure to love this simple and fun Minecraft Creeper Collage. This creeper collage has been made in two different ways, both using our free printable and old magazines. Today we will talk you through the steps so you can create your own Minecraft Creeper Collage.

Minecraft Creeper Collage

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Part of Miss 10’s homework this term is a ‘passion project’ which consists of different activities connected to a subject of their choice. Fun things like painting, writing a top 10 list, creating a comic strip, and making a collage. Not surprisingly her subject of choice was Minecraft. Our girls do not spend much time playing computer games but when they do get the opportunity Minecraft is at the top of Miss 10’s list to play and she can talk for hours on the topic! We have previously made these Creeper Magnets so we decided to blow up the printable and use it as a base for her Minecraft Creeper Collage. This was such a fun project that we decided to share it with you all today.

The first creeper collage that we made was using the free printable and collaged directly onto that. For the second collage we transferred the printable onto the side of an old cardboard box and cut out the creeper shape. Both were very fun and simple to make. The main difference is that when making the collage on the paper the magazine squares all have to fit inside the line of the creeper but on the cutout cardboard, we left the magazine squares to overhang and trimmed it all after. The tutorial today will step you through how to make it using the cardboard box cut out but if you want to do it straight onto the printable, it is much the same and you could even cut it out after if there is a little overhang.

Materials Needed

Minecraft Creeper Collage- printable template

Let’s Get Creative

Minecraft Creeper Collage- step-by-step

Start by printing out the free Minecraft Creeper Printable and gathering all of the other materials needed. Have a look through the old magazine and cut out squares of different shades of green as well as some black for the face details.

Cut the creeper printable out and glue it onto the cardboard box using the glue stick. Cut around the creeper shape. Glue the green squares onto the cardboard creeper cutout. Don’t worry about any overhanging magazine squares as these can be cut off after. Add the black face detailing after adding the green magazine squares to give a more defined face. Trim any overhanging magazine pieces.

If making the collage straight on the printable without cutting out make sure that all of the magazine pieces are inside the outer creeper line!

Minecraft Creeper Collage

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making this Minecraft Creeper Collage today!

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