nature turtle craft

Nature Art Turtle

Gather nature supplies from your garden and get ready to have some nature art turtle fun! Made from a recycled cardboard box base and decorated with leaves, flowers and other garden treasures. This is one fun craft that turtle loving kids are sure to enjoy.

Looking for more turtle fun? Check out our free coloring printables at the bottom of this tutorial! T is for turtle and a turtle and fish coloring page. Lots of free and easy fun to do at home with the kids today.

Nature Art Turtle

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Sea turtles are fascinating creatures. They live for around 100 years, can hold their breath for 5 hours underwater, and love to eat jellyfish! There are approximately 356 species of turtles living on land and in both saltwater and freshwater. For more information on turtles, a great place to look is the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Today we are going to show you how to make a fun nature art tutle. All that is needed is a cardboard box, craft glue and some nature supplies. We have a turtle shape printable so if you are not confident with drawing your own turtle shape you can print and trace around ours.

You Will Need

Turtle Shape Printable

Let’s Get Crafting

Start by printing off the turtle printable template and cutting out the turtle shape. Place this on top of a piece of cardboard trimmed from a cardboard box and trace around the outline. Alternatively, draw your own turtle shape. To do this draw a circle or oval and then add on the head and flippers, if you want one, add a tail. Cut your turtle shape out using a craft knife or scissors.

If you would like to color your turtles head and flippers using pens or paint. Sharpie pens work really well for this stage. If using paint leave to dry.

Apply a thick layer of PVA/ craft glue and place on the nature supplies to create a turtle shell. If needed add some extra glue for any layering. Have fun and be creative!

Finally add on some googly eyes. If you don’t have googly eyes you could use a small pom pom or draw some eyes onto a white piece of paper, cut out and glue on.

Turtle Coloring Printables

If you are after more turtle fun then print out one or both of the coloring printables below.

T is for turtle with this cute turtle coloring page. Fantastic if your child is focusing on letter recognition.

Lots of turtles and some fish! Print and color. Keep the colors the same on each turtle shell or mix them up for a color sensation!

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making your Nature Art Turtles!

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