Paper Flower Monster Craft

Keep kids busy with this paper flower monster craft. Made by accordion folding paper and decorating with our free monster face printable these flowers are simple and lots of fun for school-aged children.

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘accordion fold’ this is the same technique used to make a basic paper fan. This is the perfect craft for Halloween or even for a fun twist on a seasonal Spring craft!

Paper Flower Monster Craft

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Paper Flower monsters

Monster crafts have always been a firm favorite in our home. When our girls were young monster crafts were a safe choice as there really is no wrong or right way for a monster to look. At six and eight, our girls still love monsters and anything slightly creepy thanks to some of the latest and very exciting reading books set for Miss 8 from school. These monsters are the perfect blend of creepy and nice, a pretty flower with a monster face!

We have made this paper flower monster craft even easier for you with our free Flower Monsters printable. This printable has all sorts of eyes and mouth options that your can create your monster face with. That means that no drawing skills are needed!

Only a few materials are needed to create these paper flower monsters. We used colored paper but decorating white A4 paper with pens or pencils before folding would extend the activity and add an extra element on uniqueness. If you do not have a printer (or are low on ink) then draw on your monster faces with pens. You can have just as much fun by adapting to what you have available at home.

You Will Need

Paper Flower Monster Craft Printable

Click the link below the image to print now or download to save for future use.

flower monster parts printable

Let’s Make A Flower Monster

Start by printing the printable if using and gathering all of the materials needed.

The Flower

Accordion fold a sheet of A4 paper lengthwise. To accordion fold, bend the end length of paper over apporximately a 2cm and press down. Continue folding in a M motion until the all of the paper has been folded.

Fold in half and cut. You will now have two pieces of accordion-folded paper of the same length. Fold each piece in half again but DO NOT cut.

At the free-edge of each folded together paper cut a half-circle shape. This will give the flower its petal shape.

Using the gluestick glue you are going to glue the two pieces of accordion-folded paper together to form a flower shape. Start by glueing the folded pieces together. Next glue both of the separate segments of paper together. Carefully pull the ends so they join and glue. You will find that some of the center parts of the accordion folds on the flower open up, select one of these and apply more glue but place a kebab stick in-between the sections before gluing together. If needed glue any parts that are folding coming open together but do not worry too much about this as the monster face will cover this part.

The Face

Cut out the circle from the Flower Monsters printable. Use this to trace around onto a piece of paper to make the center of the flower, also known as the monsters face! Cut your circle out.

Decided on what pieces you need to complete your monsters face. How many eyes, which mouth? Cut these pieces out and glue onto the circle. Now add on any extra details, spots, color rosy cheeks using pens or pencils.

Glue your finished monster face to the center of your flower.

Add some monster leaf arms by cutting a strip of green paper and gluing it to the kebab stick.

paper flower monster craft

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paper flower monster craft

Thankyou for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making these paper flower monsters today!

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