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I love fudge but have had very little success at making it, but this slow cooker fudge is different. Slow cooker fudge is SO simple to make and tastes great! Seriously, making fudge can not get any easier than this!

Slow cooker fudge is adaptable to what you have available. Made using dark, milk, white chocolate,  a combination of all three, or ANY other chocolate you like! The flavors are almost limitless. Once the fudge has cooked extra tasty bits or topping can be added. The most popular in our house is raisins and nuts but you could do candies, crushed cookies, caramel pieces or add peppermint or any other essence! Again almost anything can be added. Here I have made a peanut, cashew, and raisin fudge as well as a plain fudge with crushed candy canes but next on the list is a white chocolate and glace cherries. What flavor will you make, or are you a plain fudge fan?


Slow Cooker Fudge

slow cooker fudge recipe

This yummy fudge is made from a base of just 4 ingredients. Made from a combination of chocolate, dark, white, milk, or a combo of all three. A little butter, vanilla essence, and condensed milk. Add-in (or decorate with) all sorts of other yummy treats to customize the fudge. We used crushed candy canes which were a massive hit with the kids and cashew, peanut, and raisin popular with everyone else!

Once you make fudge in a slow cooker you will never want to go back to the stovetop. It really is that simple! Basically all that is involved is placing a few ingredients into a slow cooker and stirring it every 10- 15 minutes. You do need to keep a bit of a watch on it but nothing like the precision involved in making fudge in the traditional method. Once it looks like it is close to ready stir it more frequently until done.

The way I tell the fudge is cooked is by the texture. It thickens and starts to form a slight crust. Once it is cooked you can add any desired extra flavors and stir through, alternatively, you can top the fudge with the extra flavors. Tip the fudge into a baking paper lined slice tray and put it into the fridge until it is set.

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure to use a metal spoon as a wooden spoon can cause the fudge to seize.
  • DO NOT put the lid on the slow cooker while cooking it. Moisture can make the fudge seize.
  • If your fudge does seize try adding a splash of milk and give it a really good stir.
  • Slow cookers can vary quite a bit in cooking speed so if this is your first time making fudge with your slow cooker keep a watch on it and don’t worry if it takes longer or shorter than the 1-2 hours.

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope your enjoyed this slow cooker fudge recipe!

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