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Letter M Mermaid Milk Jug Craft

Take one milk jug, some Sharpie pens and our free coloring printable to complete this fun art and craft project. This letter M Mermaid Milk Jug Craft will suit anyone who loves to draw and create. It is always lots of fun to draw on a material different to paper!

One of the best parts of this craft is that you don’t actually need to be able to draw to complete it as you trace over a printable. Our girls adore projects like this one as the results always come out really well. You can use all sorts of different printables to do this activity. At the bottom of the tutorial, I have listed a range of different crafts that all use printables that could be printed and used for milk jug art.

Letter M Mermaid Milk Jug Craft

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Print the free printable, prepare your milk jug, trace and get coloring. This is a simple art and craft project using a recycled milk jug. For younger kids trace the letter and mermaid for them and let them color. Make sure to supervise them so the permanent marker doesn’t go anywhere but on the milk jug!

You Will Need

  • Clean milk jug- the bigger the better. It also needs to be transparent so the printable shows through.
  • Sharpie pens or other permanent markers. The great thing about Sharpie pens is the range of different vibrant colors!
  • Scissors.
  • The free coloring printable below.

Click on the M-is-for-Mermaid link about to print the free printable or download for later use. Depending on the size of milk jug used you may need to alter the size of the image. You can do this by adjusting the scale of the image under the print settings. We kept ours the original size which worked well on the style of 3L milk jug we happened to have spare.

Let’s Get Creating

To begin with, you will need to prepare your milk jug. Take your scissors and cut the milk jug into flat sections.

Decide on what image you would like to start with. Place the printable under the milk jug and trace using a black sharpie. You can either cut the image carefully out at this stage or after it has been colored. For older kids, I would do it before the coloring as the Sharpies are less likely to smudge but for younger kids, it will be easier to color without the image cut out.

Repeat with the next image that you would like to use! You could add magnets and stick them to your fridge, hang them from a mobile or stick them to the front of a card.

Other diyThought Projects With Printables

These other craft projects also use printables that could be used to complete this art and craft project.

mermaid milk jug craft

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed today’s recycled milk jug craft!

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