egg carton christmas tree

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas certainly is the season for fun crafty goodness! This egg carton Christmas tree craft is super fun to make and is a totally adorable way to decorate your home for Christmas. What’s best is that the base has been made using old egg cartons. Who doesn’t love a craft made from recycled goods? Great on the pocket and it is gentler on our planet when we reuse and not buy new.

This is one fun craft that kids will love. It is easy to make and quick to set up. If you can’t deal with kids and paint then feel free to paint the egg cartons beforehand and get the kids to decorate them. That would make it an almost mess-free Christmas craft! Now, let’s find out how to make these fun egg carton Christmas trees.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft

egg carton christmas tree

You Will Need

Like many of our crafts here at diyThought this craft required just a couple of items and the rest you can choose to either use the same as us, swap out or even maybe just not use anything at all. We like to keep our crafts simple and able to be made with basic crafting supplies!

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How To Make

How to make an egg carton christmas tree

Prepare The Trees

Get that egg carton and start tearing. You need to carefully tear the center spikes from the egg carton. Now some egg cartons may not have this part which is a little bit of a problem but not such a problem that you need to rush out and buy eggs in a different carton! It is possible to use the part of the carton that the eggs sit in this will just give the final tree a different look. If using the egg holder part then use more than three pieces to make a taller tree.

Now all of your egg carton has been torn apart get your kebab stick and pierce a hole in the center top of each egg carton triangle.

Using green paint (or mix it up and use some other Christmasy color) paint each egg carton triangle. Wait for them to dry.

Tree Base

While the trees are drying make a base for your tree. To do this cut a strip of red paper and wind up into a cylinder shape. This cylinder will go up inside of the bottom egg carton so make it a little longer than you think. Secure it with sticky tape. This part is optional. It is possible and somewhat easier to not make a base. Your tree will stand up without a base and will be more stable, possibly better for younger crafters.

Assemble The Tree

Carefully insert the kebab stick through a dry green egg carton triangle. Add on a second and third egg carton and arrange. Have them close together or far apart, it is up to you. Have enough of the kebab stick sticking out the top to attach a star too. If using the base put that on the bottom of the tree. Trim the kebab stick if it is too long.


Gather all of your crafting decorations. Stick on a star at the top. If you don’t have a foam star then make a star from cardstock or use some other fun decoration to top your tree. Stick on other decorations to make your tree as Christmasy as possible. Wait for the glue to dry and then display to help spread some Christmas cheer.

egg carton christmas trees

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