Felt Christmas Trees

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Making felt Christmas trees is a sewing project that is fun for both young and old. This is a small and quick project so our youngest sewers won’t get overwhelmed making it a perfect first sewing activity! We have included two different styles of trees, the triangle tree being the simplest option. Sew or glue on lovely tree decorations to complete your tree and make it one-of-a-kind.

Felt Christmas Trees

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Felt Christmas Trees

Once you make one of these adorable trees you almost certainly will want to make more! They are perfect for hanging from your Christmas tree or adding onto a gift for a very sweet and thoughtful way to decorate the packaging. Miss 6 made one of the trees photographed to go with a Christmas gift for her school teacher.

These trees can be sewn using your preferred stitch. I used a blanket stitch while Miss 6 used a whipstitch. A whipstitch is sewn by looping the thread over the edge of the felt and pulling through, while a blanket stitch is a variation of whipstitch where you put the needle back through the loop before pulling through this gives a neater and more decorative look. A basic running stitch can also be used. Some say a running stitch is the easiest stitch for children however our girls find the whipstitch easier. If your child is new to sewing get them to try out both stitches and go with the one they prefer. You can find out more about the stitches and find links to tutorials for them all over on our Easy Felt Llama tutorial.

You Will Need

  • Felt.
  • Scissors.
  • The free pattern below or draw your own Christmas tree.
  • Thread.
  • Needle.
  • Glue- fabric glueglue sticktacky glue to adhere decorations. It is ideal to test your glue before beginning your project. The glue stick is an easy option for young kids however it may not be as strong as other glues.
  • Sharpie Pen or similar if drawing around the pattern.
  • Pins can be helpful but this can be made without.
  • Fiberfill/ stuffing or use felt offcuts. We use our food delivery cold store bag inner!
  • Ribbon, beads, gems, buttons. These are for decorating the tree so get as creative as you like!

Free Felt Christmas Tree Printable

Click the link below to print or save the Christmas tree pattern.

Felt Christmas Trees printable pattern

Let’s Get Sewing

Start by gathering all of the suppies needed to make the felt Chrismtas trees.

Felt Christmas Trees

Cut out the pieces

First, print the Felt Christmas Tree printable above and cut out the Christmas tree that you would like to make. The triangle Christmas tree is slightly easier to sew compared to the other tree option. If you are wanting to add a star on top of your tree then cut the star shape out also.

You will need x2 tree pieces, x1 star, and one length of felt to wrap around the base of the tree. There a couple of different techniques to cut out your felt pieces. I like to cut out the items that require two pieces at the same time by layering the felt to ensure that the pieces are matching. Having matching pieces is very important for the body as it is really hard to sew two pieces together that do not match! It is simple to pin the pattern piece on a double layer of felt and carefully cut around that. For children, it will be easier to get them to draw around the piece with a pen and then get them to cut around that. Once you have cut out all of the pieces check that the body front and back match up and trim if needed.

Add Sewn Tree Decorations

Sew on all of the decorations before sewing the tree together. Ribbon, buttons, and beads can all be sewn on. To keep it simple only decorate on side of your Christmas tree. If you are going to glue on your decorations do this part last.

Sew The Tree Together

Place the two felt Christmas tree pieces together and sew around the outside leaving a space so you can fill your Christmas tree. You can use either blanket stitch, whipstitch, or running stitch (find out more about these stitches here). Once you have almost sewn the outside of your tree stuff it with the fiberfill/ stuffing or felt offcuts and then sew shut.

Next, add some extra felt around the trunk of your tree. The felt should be cut to cover the tree trunk when folded in half. Wrap around the trunk and sew using the same stitch that you used to sew the tree together. This stage is optional, you can see that Miss 6 decided not to add felt to her tree.

Add A Tie & Glue On Extra Decorations

To turn your felt Christmas trees into a decoration that can be hung from a tree add a tie. To do this insert your threaded needed at the top of the tree and pull partway through before tieing the two ends together.

Glue the star on the top of your tree. Stick on any extra decorations. Some craft supplies come with an adhesive backing which makes this step even easier!

Such a simple and fun to make Christmas tree ornament decoration!

Felt Christmas Trees

Other Crafts To Try

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making these Felt Christmas Trees today!

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