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Plant Pot Angel Craft

Today’s fun craft is this adorable plant pot angel craft. Made from a biodegradable plant/ seedling pot this is a low-cost craft without the risk of breakages, unlike the traditional clay pot. In saying that clay pots work just as well so if you happen to have some at home then go ahead and use them! We are all about affordable crafts here at diyThought and part of that is using what you already have on hand.

Miss 5 came home from school with this plant pot angel and it is just too cute not to share. She has been very lucky to have two amazing teachers who love to craft! They even did her foil art Christmas trees with the class after Miss 5 gave one tree to each of them as a gift. I am sure that any school parent will agree that having a great teacher really makes a massive difference to the year your child has. So thank you to all of the amazing, kind and patient teachers out there!

This plant pot angel will look lovely as part of any Christmas display or would make a lovely homemade gift that is guaranteed plenty of smiles. Keep reading to find out exactly how to make a plant pot angel craft.

Plant Pot Angel Craft

You Will Need

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How To Make Your Angel

Gather all of your supplies and pick a pot and polystyrene ball that matches well in size. This will be the base and head of your angel.

Start by painting the biodegradable pot and polystyrene craft ball with white paint. Set aside to dry. With the hot glue gun glue the head to the upturned plant pot.

Cut two lengths of the wired ribbon to span the back of the angel so when twisted they are visible from the front. This will be the angel’s wings. Twist together and glue to one side of the plant pot. Glue the narrow 1/2 inch ribbon around the base of the plant pot. Tie the medium width ribbon around the neck of the angle in a bow.

Cut and glue yarn to the angel’s head. Add the eyes to the face and draw on a smile using the red pen. Make a halo with the pipe cleaner and poke into the top of the angels head.

Decorate the body of the angel with craft jewels and any other fun craft box supplies.

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