hot air balloon kids craft

Newspaper Hot Air Balloon Kids Art

Children will love this newspaper hot air balloon kids art! This is such a simple art and craft project that is fun, colorful, and engaging for all ages. Made from an old newspaper and watercolor paints you most likely have everything you need already at home. We have even included a FREE printable so you can get the perfect hot air balloon shape without much effort at all!

Newspaper Hot Air Balloon Kids Art

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Newspaper Hot Air Balloon Kids Art

This newspaper hot air balloon kid’s art project is done over two sessions. First, the newspaper is painted, and then once dry the hot air balloon constructed. In saying that the paint won’t take long to dry and provides a great break for lunch!

Before we start let’s talk about paint. For this art project, watercolor paints are best to use. We used tubed watercolor paints, these get diluted in water so it is easy to mix up the quantity you need in an art pallet or individual containers. The other alternative which would work well is liquid watercolors. Food coloring is another option if you don’t happen to have any watercolor paint at home however be careful not to over dilute them. The pan watercolors will also work however use a paintbrush instead of a dropper or syringe.

Materials Needed

The Printable

Print out the printable below. This is used to trace around to get a nice hot air balloon shape. If you don’t have a printer then freehand draw the shape.

hot air balloon craft printable

Let’s Get Creating


Start by prepping the newspaper painting part of this activity. You will need the newspaper, paints, dropper and a paintbrush or paint sponge.

watercolor drop art

Fold a sheet of newspaper in half. If you want to add to the fun get kids to draw with a white crayon before painting and watch the drawing emerge when covered with paint. Using a dropper (or medical syringe if you don’t have a dropper) drop dots of paint on half of a sheet of newspaper. Once you are happy with the drop of paint fold the newspaper over and press down. Unfold and have a look at your colorful creating. Now you can fill in the unpainted sections using the paintbrush or paint sponge. Set aside to dry.


While the paint is drying get prepared for the second part of this art and craft project. Cut out the hot air balloon pieces, these will be used to trace around. Go ahead and cut the square basket shape from the brown paper bag.

how to make Newspaper Hot Air Balloon Kids Art

When the paint has dried place the cut-out hot air balloon paper on the section of the painted newspaper that you would like to use and trace around with a pen. Cut out. Place the newspaper hot air balloon and paper bag basket onto a piece of blue cardstock and once you are happy with the placement glue them in place with the gluestick.

Use a Sharpie or other pen to draw a line to connect the hot air balloon to the basket. Add on any extra details. We decorated the baskets and then drew some hills and mountains. How about some clouds to finish off your hot air balloon scene?!

Newspaper Hot Air Balloon Kids Art

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this Newspaper Hot Air Balloon Kids Art today!

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