Washi Tape Christmas Tree Gift Tags

Needing gift tags for all of those Christmas presents in a hurry? These Washi Tape Christmas Tree Gift Tags are for you! They can be put together in a matter of minutes and are made using old breakfast cereal boxes. Low cost, fun to make, and much better than buying new!

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Gift Tags

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washi tape Christmas tree gift tags

Seriously these gift tags can’t get much easier or more fun to make! Print off the FREE printable, cut out your tree shapes, and cover in washi tape. It really is that simple. Not only are they super easy to make but they really do look super cute and can be made to all look totally different if you use different washi tape.

You Will Need

The Printable

Click on the link below the image to print or to save for later use. You can make larger or smaller gift tags but altering the size of the image under your printer settings.

printable to make washi tape Christmas tree gift tags

Let’s Make A Gift Tag

washi tape Christmas tree gift tags

Start by gathering all of the materials listed under the, You Will Need list. Cut out both of the Christmas trees.

Using the pen trace around the larger cut-out tree shape onto the cardboard breakfast cereal box. Now cut this out.

Take note that some washi tape may be able to be seen through. Have a look at your washi tape, if this could be an issue decide which side this would be best to happen on. It may work best for the printed out to and from Christmas tree printable, to go on the side that the cereal box print is on as it will mostly cover the tree so not be noticeable. If you are planning on sticking the gift tags writing side up onto the gifts then consider doing the reverse. In saying all of that we did some with the cereal box and washi tape that could be seen through and really wasn’t noticeable at all!

Start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up. Stick on a strip of washi tape and wrap around the back of the Christmas tree tag. Keep in mind that the, to and from printable will cover most of the back of the gift card so it doesn’t need to be perfect on the back. When you get to the base of the Christmas tree, add an extra strip of washi tape to the back of the gift card. Continue adding strips of washi tape and bending to the back of the gift tag until you reach the top of the tree.

Using the glue stick, stick on the, to and from printable to the back of the gift tag. With the hole punch make a hole at the top of the gift tag. Thread some ribbon through the hole, fill out the details and you are ready to attach it to that special gift.

washi tape Christmas tree gift tags

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