30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

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It is that time of year when everyone is thinking about Christmas gifts. Teacher gifts are no exception, this is the perfect opportunity to show your child’s teacher how much you really appreciate all of their hard work. Today we have a great round-up for you, 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas teacher gifts.

Making your own gift is a great way to show that you really care while saving money. These are all fabulous for teachers and most are great for others too!

30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

This really is the ultimate DIY Christmas teacher gift list! From easy to make food gifts, beauty pamper gifts to fun gift add-ons, you are sure to find something amazing here to make for your teachers. Low cost and fun to make, you will be wanting to make these items for everyone this year!

1. Canvas Wall Art

canvas for teacher. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

Create a mixed medium canvas for the classroom wall. This is an inexpensive gift idea that will be one of a kind that any teacher is sure to love. Head over to Simplify Create Inspire to find out more.

2. Gift Card Bouquet

gift card bouquet

This fun Gift Card Bouquet idea makes a great class gift idea! Plus it is super easy to put together! Glitter On A Dime explains how to make it.

3. Homemade Bath Soaks

bath soak

Homemade bath soaks are a great gift for a teacher who needs a destress after a long year. These homemade bath soaks are easy to make which makes it a great gift to bulk make if you have more than one teacher gift to sort. Confessions Of An Overworked Mom has all of the details on how to make them.

4. Tissue Holder

DIY tissue holder

These tissue pocket pack pouches are a great gift for everyone anytime. They are so quick and easy to make so you can knock out a whole bunch in no time at all. Children can get involved making them too, they are that easy! Head over to Sum Of Their Stories to find out more.

5. Apple Grapevine Wreath

apple grapevine wreath. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

Involve your children in making this adorable apple wreath to make it extra special for the teacher. This would look lovely on any door! Head over to Confessions of an Overworked Mom to find out more.

6. Sugar Scrub

This natural DIY Sugar Scrub is so easy to make, leaves the skin feeling amazingly soft and is extremely budget-friendly! What teacher wouldn’t love it? Visit The Wallet Moth to get the recipe.

7. Wood Block Apples

wood block apples

Putting some leftover scrap wood to use, Sustain My Craft Habit shows you how to make adorable DIY apple decorations.

8. Peppermint Candy Bowl

peppermint candy bowl. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

These DIY Peppermint Candy Bowls are the perfect DIY Christmas Gift. Made from peppermint candy and melted into a bowl, you can put delicious holiday candy in it and wrap it up for an adorable holiday gift perfect for your favorite teacher or anyone else! Princess Pinky Girl shows you how to make it.

9. Beeswax Ornaments

Gift beautiful handmade beeswax ornaments to your teachers. You can mix cinnamon and orange oil for the ultimate Christmas smell. Visit Hungarican Journey to learn more.

10. Bean Soup Gift Jar

bean soup gift jar

Friendship Bean Soup Mix in a Jar ~ Nothing says Mmmm Good like homemade soup! Make the Friendship Bean Soup mix ahead of time to give them out as gifts to all of your kid’s teachers. This is a great alternative to chocolate and candy based gifts! Head over to Salads 4 Lunch to find out more.

11. Sleep Set

sleep gift. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

Encourage some rest over the holidays with this Sleep in Heavenly Peace gift! The printable tag is free too! A great and unique gift, if you have sewing skills you could even make the blanket. Visit Down Redbud Drive to get the free printable tag.

12. Maple Candied Walnuts

candied walnuts

Sweet and crunchy, what’s not to like!? This super easy recipe for maple candied walnuts is ideal as an addition to salads, a dessert garnish, an occasional sweet treat, and makes a great Christmas teacher food gift. Recipe over at Earth Food And Fire.

13. Essential Oils

essential oil gift

Make these easy essential oil teacher gifts in your favorite blends all in a convenient roll-on bottle. A simple and useful teacher gift by Our Crafty Mom.

14. Gingerbread Men

gingerbread men. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

These cute gingerbread men are a great Christmas teacher gift that kids can help to make. Keep Calm And Eat Ice Cream has a great recipe and lots of tips so you can feel relaxed that your gingerbread men will be amazing!

15. Hot Cocoa Bombs

cocoa bombs

These are all the rage at the moment. These hot cocoa bombs are easy to make and impressive. Find out more over at The Kitchen Chalk Board.

16. Bath Bombs

bath bombs

Bath bombs make the perfect teacher gift! Even better, bath bombs are lots of fun for kids to make which makes it all that more special of a gift. Visit Red Ted Art to get the recipe.

17. Vanilla Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub

Teachers need pampering this year more than ever before! Make this quick and easy (ready in 5 minutes!) Vanilla Sugar Scrub not only make that teacher in your life feel appreciated but also encourage some relaxation and pampering after a busy start of the year. Find out more over at Made In A Pinch.

18. Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Jar

cranberry oatmeal cookie jar

Need an easy, last-minute, but thoughtful gift? Look no further, because these Cranberry-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar are fun, festive, thoughtful and are so simple to make. Head over to Vegan Huggs to find out more.

19. Reindeer Gift Jar

Make this cute gift jar and fill it with your teacher’s favorite candy. A simple and affordable Christmas teacher gift. Follow this link to read the full tutorial.

20. Shower Steamers

shower steamers

Teachers need time for themselves and self-care and you can give them that with DIY shower steamers. They make every shower a relaxing experience. The Stress-Free Christmas has all of the directions on how to make these shower steamers.

21. Gingerbread Caramel Corn

gingerbread caramel corn

Delicious Homemade Caramel Corn Recipe made with warming gingerbread spices and sweet buttery caramel sauce. A great Christmas teacher gift that they can enjoy over the holiday season. Get the recipe over at The Forked Spoon.

22. Rosemary, Thyme, Orange & Sea Salt

rosemary, orange, thyme sea salt

Learn how to make a simple citrus & herb-infused salt flavored with fresh rosemary, orange & thyme. It’s perfect for seasoning & finishing foods like poultry, fish & vegetables and makes a wonderful homemade gift for your child’s foodie teacher. Head over to The Rising Spoon to get the recipe.

23. Self-Care Gift Basket

self-care gift basket

Do you have a teacher in your life who is going through a rough time or is extremely busy and not taking good care of themselves? Learn how to put together a simple self-care gift basket that will make them feel appreciated and encourage them to slow down, breathe, and take a moment to themselves. Visit The Rising Spoon to find out more.

24. DIY Snow Globe

DIY Snow Globe. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

Nothing says it’s Christmas more than a snow globe. Get crafty with these fun, cheap, and easy to make DIY snow globes. The best part is customizing them specifically for what your teacher likes. Head over to Swanky Den to find out more.

25. Rudolph Hot Cocoa

rudolph hot cocoa gift

These Rudolph Hot Cocoa gifts are so adorable that you can give them to everyone on your Christmas gift list! They are super easy to make with your children and are an ideal gift for teachers, friends, and relatives. They even come with an instruction tag that you can print and attach to the bag! More details are found over at Ottowa Mommy Club.

26. Gift Slippers

DIY slipper gift. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

This DIY slipper gift idea makes an awesome Christmas teacher gift. Nothing is better than receiving some comfy slippers filled with goodies. See all of the gift slipper ideas over at Savvy Home.

27. Pipecleaner Ornaments

pipecleaner ornaments

Easy ornaments made from pipcleaners that can be given as gifts to teachers or added on to a store-bought gift for an extra personal touch. Visit Whimsy Roo to find out how to make these fun designs.

28. Slow Cooker Fudge

slow cooker fudge

For the most likely to succeed fudge you must try making it in the slow cooker. Add candy canes to make it Christmas themed and you are good to go with this easy and yummy teacher gift. Click here to find out how to make it.

29. Target Gift Card Printable

Target printable. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

You can’t go wrong with a gift card as a teacher gift. This adorable printable makes a gift card from Target even more fun! Get the printable from Bitz n Giggles.

30. Heart Scribble Mug

scribble heart mug gift. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

These cute DIY mugs are easy enough for even the youngest of children to make! Fill them up with Christmas candy for the ultimate Christmas teacher gift. Head over to Messy Little Monster to find out how to make them.

31. DIY Happy Jar Gift

DIY Happy Jar gift. 30+ Ultimate DIY Christmas Teacher Gifts

A jar full of happiness is an uplifting gift that is completely free! Use the happy note ideas over at A CENTSational Life and add your own about all of the great things you love and appreciate about your teacher.

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30+ Ultimate DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

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