fork painted sunflowers

Fork Painted Sunflowers

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This Fork Painted Sunflowers art activity is super fun for kids of all ages! It is so simple to complete and looks fantastic! With just a few simple materials you will end out with one very cool sunflower painting. Mix it up and use different color paints for other flower varieties.

Getting creative with paintbrush alternatives is always so much fun! In the past, we have used toilet paper rolls for this fun firework art, done this fun Painting On Ice Art Activity, and painted a polar bear using a toilet paper roll tube and a fork which were all lots of fun but we really loved painting these fork painted sunflowers.

Fork Painted Sunflowers

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Fork Painted Sunflowers

Last year Miss 7 grew sunflower seeds at school. Two seedlings came home and sadly due to us going away and them not being watered the two seedlings didn’t survive. Off to the garden center we went determined to grow our own sunflowers. The new seeds got planted straight into the ground and all summer long we have watered and waited for them to grow. Thankfully a few of them grew! So thank you to the sunflowers and to Miss 7 for wanting to do some fork painting to inspire this painting project.

You can see in the photos below that Miss 7 decided to do her own thing and created a slightly different flower as well adding in a bird and sky! I find the best way to do art projects like these is to sit down next to the children and to make your own and let them use yours as inspiration. Art is all about being creative so don’t worry if they want to do something different. Younger children may find it easier to do a couple of larger flowers and you could also add a cut-out paper circle to the inside of the flower instead of painting the centers.

Fork Painted Sunflowers

Materials Needed

Let’s Get Arty

Fork Painted Sunflowers- step by step

Start by gathering all of the materials needed and setting it all up. Decide what colors of paint you are going to use. When we set up for our girls we give them a variety of different colors which means that they often branch out from the planned project but they come up with all sorts of other great creative ideas.

Press the fork into the paint and then press the fork down onto the paper, bring up and then press down again. Continue this step until a circle has been formed. The flower can be made bigger and smaller detail can be added by doing some small strokes with the fork. Add in some other color paint if desired. Once you are happy with the fork petals use the round foam brush covered in brown paint. Place it in the center of the sunflower and twist it around to form the inner flower. Continue until you have a page of sunflowers.

Once you have finished painting the fork sunflowers paint on the green flower stems using the paintbrush and green paint.

Leave to dry. These fork painted sunflowers would look lovely turned into a gift card for a friend’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.

Fork Painted Sunflowers- kids paintings

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this Fork Painted Sunflowers painting activity today!

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