Toilet paper roll christmas tree

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees

Oh so super cute and fun to make these toilet paper roll Christmas trees are sure to keep the kids entertained this Christmas season. Made from a toilet paper roll tube, cardstock, and paper and then decorated using supplies from the craft box this is a low-cost craft activity suitable for school-aged children.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees

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Toilet paper roll christmas trees

This is such a fun Christmas craft to do with the kids! This week Miss 6 has been at home sick but she is now at the stage where she has a little energy so wanted to do some crafts. We have our DIY activity advent calendar up and today’s activity is to make paper snowflakes so we had the idea to make some Christmas trees and decorate them with the paper snowflakes! This really was a joint effort, I constructed the trees while Miss 6 decorated them. We now have them proudly on display as a festive Christmas decoration.

The toilet paper roll Christmas trees do not need to be decorated with a paper snowflake. You can simply omit this step and decorate straight onto the cardstock tree top. Either way, you will finish with a lovely Christmas tree to be proud of.

Materials Needed

Toilet paper roll christmas trees

Let’s Get Crafty


Start by gathering all of the supplies from the Materials Needed list. We used green cardstock for the treetops and colored paper for the snowflakes. To extend this activity get your children to decorate the paper for the snowflake with pens or crayons.

Using the math compass or round plate draw a large circle onto the cardstock, you want the circle to stretch the width of the A4 piece of cardstock. Cut out the circle. Cut a line from the side of the circle to the center point. Now take the circle and bring the two cut lines together, one on top of the other and create a cone shape. Secure in place using the sticky tape. Have a look at the photo below to get more guidance.

how to make toilet paper roll christmas trees


Make a snowflake or skip this step and go straight to decorating the tree. To make a snowflake have a look at the photo and follow the steps below.

how to make paper snowflakes
  1. Using an A4 piece of paper fold the corner all the way to the other side of the paper to form a large triangle. Cut off the bottom unused part of the paper. Put aside to use to wrap around the base of the tree.
  2. You will now be left with your folded triangle.
  3. Now fold this triangle in half again.
  4. With the point pointing down fold one upper point about 2/3 across.
  5. Fold the other point over the top. Both sides should be equally folded. If not unfold and adjust.
  6. Cut the two pointed ends off in a design you like. This can be straight across, rounded or triangular, anything will look lovely. Also cut a small design at the other pointed end. This will be the center of the snowflake.
  7. Now cut out any pattern you like from the sides. Make sure you leave some of both sides intact! For use with this Christmas tree craft, it is ideal to cut quite a bit of the paper away so plenty of the tree base will show through.
  8. Unfold.

Once unfolded wrap the snowflake around the treetop, measure, and cut. You should use about half of the snowflake to decorate the tree. Use the glue stick to glue the snowflake onto the tree.


Get all of your fun craft box decorations and decorate the tree. You can use any craft box supplies that you like and stick them onto your tree in any design. We used adhesive gems which made the decorating super easy for Miss 6 as no glue was needed!

Use the remaining paper from the snowflake (or use another color) and glue it around the base of the toilet roll tube using a glue stick.

Glue the tree together

Finally use hot glue to glue the top of the tree onto the toilet roll tube. Add a star to finish the tree.

Toilet paper roll christmas trees

Other Fun Crafts To Try

Looking for something else fun to do with kids? You are sure to love these crafts.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making these Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees!

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