crafty days in August

Crafty Days In August

Have some fun with these crafty days in August! These days aren’t specifically about crafts rather the important and fun celebrated days of August but the days that could be fun to make crafts for. Use these special days for crafty inspiration for yourself or with your children. We love days that are dedicated to special holidays and events that we can make crafts and fun activities for! Some of the days we are really looking forward to include, Owl Awareness Day, Book Lovers Day, and Banana Split Day.

Making crafts with children gives the opportunity to talk about the special day, and adults to reflect on why the day is important. Or maybe it is just a day for celebrating something fun either way we don’t really need much of an excuse to have some crafty fun!

Crafty Days In August

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crafty days in August

All Month

These fantastic events run month-long so are perfect to work around the other special days in August.

  • Inventors Month- Need we say more? Go on and get inventing!
  • Peach Month- A great excuse to do lots of baking with peaches.
  • Family Fun Month- Make any of these crafts to have fun with your family!


  • International Clown Week- The 1-7 August. Have a look at these 5 Free Fun Clown Printables for some fun clown activities.
  • Afternoon Tea Week- The second week in August. Head out for afternoon tea, invite friends over or have a special week of afternoon tea with your family. This is a fun week that the whole family is sure to enjoy.


1 August- Doll Day

doll day

Doll Day is the perfect day to get out your dolls and play some fun games and activities with them. How about a picnic with your favorite dolls? Or get sewing and make your own doll with these 6 Adorable Dolls To Sew patterns. Kids will love making their dolls clothes especially when it is as easy as following our Almost No-Sew Dolls Clothes From Jeans- Our Generation & Glitter Girl Doll Size tutorial.

2 August- Coloring Book Day

Get out your coloring books and get coloring. How about making your own coloring pages for a fun twist on this day! If you are after a new coloring book then it is hard to beat the coloring books by Johanna Basford such as Worlds of Wonder: A Coloring Book for the Curious

3 August- Watermelon Day

Crafty days in August- watermelon

Eat watermelon and make watermelon crafts. These DIY Watermelon Magnets are very simple to make and are a great way to upcycle old cardboard boxes.

4 August-

International Clouded Leopard Day

A special day of awareness and an attempt to increase the profile of Clouded Leopards both in captivity and in the wild. Do some research on the Clouded Leopard, draw a picture, or make a leopard craft.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Everyone is going to love this fun day! Try baking The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies and then sit down to enjoy them.

International Owl Awarness Day

A fun day to learn about owls. The book, Owls of the World: A Photographic Guide is a fantastic book that tells you all about all of the different owl species. Have a go at our Newspaper Owl Art or Nature Art Owls.

Crafty days in August- Owl day

5 August- Blogger Day

Have you been wanting to start your own blog? If so then why not start it on Blogger Day! If you are new to the blogging world then How To Build A Blog is a must-read.

7 August-

Build A Sandcastle Day

Head to the beach or the sandpit and build yourself a sandcastle on this fun day.

Lighthouse Day

Have a look at this Easy Diy Outdoor Clay Pot Lighthouse video to learn how to make your own lighthouse that is perfect for your garden.

8 August- International Cat Day

Crafty days in August- cat day

There is SO much you can do on International Cat Day! Check out these articles for some cat inspiration.

9 August-

Rice Pudding Day

It is time to cook up your favorite Rice Pudding recipe. Yum!

Book Lovers Day

Cuddle up and read some books for Book Lovers Day. The perfect activity to do while eating your rice pudding.

10 August- World Lion Day

Crafty days in August- lion day

This Newspaper Lion Craft is the perfect kid’s craft to make for World Lion Day.

Wednesday of the Second Week Of August- World Calligraphy Day

Calligraphy is art in a written form. Calligraphy has had a vast history that has impact many cultures all over the world. Celebrate this day by practicing your calligraphy skills.

12 August- World Elephant Day

Elephants are fascinating animals. World Elephant Day is an important day to learn about elephants and what we can do to protect them. These Toilet Paper Tube Elephants are fun to make on this special day with kids.

19 August-

International Orangutan Day

Celebrate International Orangutan Day by learning about these wonderful animals. Perhaps visit them at your local zoo or make a special orangutan craft.

Photographry Day

Get out your camera and take some photos for Photography Day. Or organize all of your old photos into albums.

International Bow Day

Have fun styling your hair or make some new hair bows. Learn How To Make Your Own Hair Clips and then display them on one of these 6 Adorable DIY Hair Bow Holders.

Third Saturday- World Honey Bee Day

Crafty days in August- honey bee day

Learn about why honey bees are so important on World Honey Bee Day. Here are some great tutorials for kid’s bee crafts that are perfect to do on World Honey Bee Day.

21 August- Poets Day

Get your poet hat on and write a new poem or get out a poetry book and get reading to celebrate Poets Day.

25 August- Banana Split Day

banana split day

Set up a banana split making station at your house to celebrate Banana Split Day. Include all of your favorite toppings and serve them up in fun colored bowls like these!

26 August- Dog Day

Have a look at these 10 Dog Crafts To Celebrate The Chinese New Year 2018! crafts to find some fun doggy makes.

Last Friday of August- Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is all about showing your support for cancer research, awareness, and cancer societies who are doing their best with volunteers to raise funds. Help to fundraise for Daffodil Day or leave a donation. Make a daffodil and talk to your children about the importance of Daffodil day.

30 August- International Whale Shark Day

 whale shark day

International Whale Shark Day is all about raising awareness of these magnificent creatures. Do some research and paint a picture of your very own whale shark. The book, Walter the Whale Shark: And His Teeny Tiny Teeth is the perfect read for Whale Shark Day.

Other Crafty Months

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