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Crafty Days In May

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Crafty days in May! We love days that are dedicated to special holidays and events that we can make crafts and fun activities for! For children, this gives the opportunity to talk about the special day and adults to reflect on why the day is important. Or maybe it is just a day for celebrating something fun! These days aren’t specifically about crafts rather the important and fun celebrated days of May that you can use for crafty inspiration with your children. Get out your craft box and get ready to have some crafty fun this May!

Crafty Days In May

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crafty days in may

National Bike Month

An entire month for bikes! The third week of May is also National Bike Week. The perfect time to think about and showcase the many positives of bicycling and a great time to encourage others to get out on their bikes. Kids can read books focused on bikes such as Bike On Bear and make all sorts of bike-related crafts.

National Teachers Day

The Tuesday of the first full week of May. Make a craft for your teacher to show how much you appreciate them or make a special card.

Space Day

The first Friday in May is Space Day. Visit a science center, or observatory. Get out your telescope or simply wait until dark and see what you can see in the night sky. How about making a DIY Cutout Rocket Card or some DIY Scratch Art Stars.

Free Comic Book Day

The first Saturday in May. Make your own fun comic book on this day or spend the day reading comics.

1 May-

Mother Goose Day

A day to read and appreciate nursery rhymes and stories. Make a craft or draw a picture of your favorite nursery rhyme.

Save The Rhino Day
rhino day
Photo by Keith Markilie on Unsplash

Make a fun rhinoceros craft and reflect on how special these amazing animals are.

2 May- Brothers And Sisters Day

Go on, make something special for your brothers and sisters on this special day.

4 May-

Bird Day

There are so many fun things that you can make for bird day! Here are a few of our favorites that suit a range of ages.

Renewal Day

A day for renewing things. For a crafty focus, you could give a new life to an old item such as with this great Upcycled Beach Mirror or this Revamped Table Using Sharpies! Or how about using recycled items for a new and exciting craft project such as these DIY Watermelon Magnets or this Magazine Collage Rainbow Craft. You could combine Renewal Day and Bird day and make these adorable Egg Carton Penguin Craft.

Star Wars Day

Not much needs to be said here! Have fun watching Star Wars and making Star Wars-themed crafts.

5 May-

Cartoonist Day

Watch some cartoons and then turn them into crafts. A great day that kids of all ages are sure to love!

World Maths Day

A day celebrating maths all over the world. Complete online with Mathletics for the largest online math competition or simply play some fun math games at home.

8 May- Windmill Day

windmill day
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Head out to visit a windmill if you have any close to where you live or research windmills and make a crafty windmill for this special day.

10 May- Mother Ocean Day

Mother Ocean Day is a day to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the ocean. To celebrate you could spend the day at the beach or make a craft for one of the many amazing sea creatures found in the ocean. Here is a couple for you to get started with.

National Train Day

The Saturday closest to May 10th. Play with trains, make a model house to go next to your train set, or craft/ draw trains for National Train Day.

Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in May. A special day to celebrate your Mother! Make a card such as our Easy Washi Tape Heart Card or fill out our fun, About My Mum/ Mom printable. Give your mother a call or even better, go and visit her and give her one of your crafty creations.

13 May- Frog Jumping Day

Jump like a frog for this fun day or make a froggy craft such as our Toilet Paper Roll Frog. How about a game of jumping frogs?

16 May-

Love A Tree Day

Get outside and give a tree a hug, maintain or plant a tree! There are many reasons why we love trees so this is a great day to reflect on the importance of trees while spending some time outdoors or indoors drawing or creating your own crafty tree.

National Sea Monkey Day

Hatch some sea monkeys on this fun day or create your own sea monkey drawing at home.

National Drawing Day

A day to get drawing. We have lots of How To Draw tutorials to get you started or get out your pencils and see what amazing drawing you come up with!

19 May-

World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

The perfect day to get into the garden to plant some vegetables! Have a look at a vegetable growing guide for your local area to find out what is best to plant at this time of year.

World Numeracy Day
World Numeracy Day

Numeracy Day is about recognizing the importance of numbers and numeracy and encouraging people to sharpen their skills and build their confidence with numbers. This can be done in many fun ways such as this Sensory Heart Math Puzzle or these adorable Narwhal Color & Math Worksheets.

National Endangered Species Day 

The third Friday of May is National Endangered Species Day. This day is celebrated across the globe to raise awareness about endangered species and wildlife. Do some research on endangered species with your kids and make a craft of one of your favorite species. Extend on this craft by making a fun fact sheet about your chosen species and what can be done to help protect it. See all of the endangered species over at World Wildlife.

20 May- World Bee Day

Educate your children about the importance of bees and what they do for the environment on World Bee Day. This Recycled Bottle Bee Craft is a fun craft activity to make on this special day. The Bee Book is a lovely and informative book about bees that is great for children.

23 May- Turtle Day

Celebrate Turtle Day by making this Nature Art Turtle craft.

24 May- International Tiara Day

Make and wear a tiara to celebrate International Tiara Day.

26 May- Paper Airplane Day

Make a paper airplane and fly in for paper airplane day. How about a paper airplane race?!

World Otter Day

otter day
Photo by Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash

The last Wednesday in May. Celebrate the cute, playful and endangered otter on world otter day by making a fun otter craft.

30 May- Water A Flower Day

Water a flower for water a flower day and then get inside to make so crafty flowers such as these, Paper Flower Monster Craft. Dyed Flower Using Food Coloring is another fun activity that kids are sure to love!

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