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Lockdown Kids Crafts Using Recycled Materials

We have been on lockdown officially for a week now where we live. It all happened very quickly where we live which has left many parents at home with their children and little resources to set up fun crafts and activities. For this reason, we have put together this list of lockdown kids crafts using recycled materials. There are so many fun crafts and activities can be done using the recycled materials you have around home!

These crafts all require only basic resources and often the items required can be swapped out for other similar items. No paint, use pens, get creative with what you use and don’t be scared to improvise and add your own personal touches. Sometimes our most successful craft projects end out completely different from how we first have envisioned them.

Lockdown Kids Crafts Using Recycled Materials

lockdown kids crafts using recycled materials

To make this list easy to follow we have grouped items together that use similar resources. If you have a great craft idea to add please leave us a message below!

Egg Cartons

Eggs are a staple for many so makes an excellent craft resource. Below are our favorite egg carton crafts.

Egg Carton Flowers

Egg carton flowers are easy to make and fun for all ages. Follow this link to see our full round-up, 8 Egg Carton Flower Crafts.


Decorate your bedroom with these adorable egg carton jellyfish. Ours are still hanging from the light above our dining room table! All you really need for this craft is an egg carton and some yarn. String or a cut-up plastic bag would be a great substitute if you do not have yarn at home! Also included is a J is for jellyfish coloring printable worksheet. Click here to read the full tutorial.

Egg Carton Animals

Have fun creating your own egg carton zoo with these adorable egg carton animal ideas. Click here to read the full article.

Christmas Tree

Get a head start on Christmas with this egg carton Christmas tree. Or perhaps make some of these trees to go in your egg carton animal zoo. Either way, these trees are a lot of fun to make! Click here to find out more.

Milk Jugs/ Bottles

Milk jugs can be turned into many things and make really useful storage containers.

Basket/ Carry Bag

We made this milk jug basket for Easter using our free printables that are included in the tutorial but you can make a basket like this for any occasion. These baskets would be a cute way for kids to store all of their bit and pieces. Simply clean a milk jug, cut and decorate using Sharpies.

11 Ways To Upcycle A Milk Jug

These 11 ways to upcycle a milk jug are great for kids and adults. Some of the adult ideas can be modified to suit children. Some of our favorite kids ideas in this round-up include, stencils, butterflies, a watering can and a piggy bank. Click here to see the full list.

Milk Jug Art

Print out a printable to trace over or go freestyle! A fun arts and craft project for kids and teens. Get the mermaid printable here.

Bottle Tops/ Caps

Save all of your bottle tops to make some of these fun crafts. You will be amazed at how quickly they will build up once you start saving them!

6 Plastic Bottle Cap Kids Crafts

Lots of fun is to be had with these 6 Plastic Bottle Cap Kids Crafts. From jewelry making to monsters, you will be left feeling inspired to create after viewing these great craft projects.

8 Bottle Cap Crafts

This round-up contains a selection of bottle cap crafts suitable for both adults and children. We are loving the fridge magnets and paper clip bookmarks! A great choice of activities for older kids and teens. Click here to find out more.

Old Magazines & Boxes

Chances are you have an old box, cereal boxes, and magazines somewhere in your home ready for a craft project. We have combined magazines and boxes as these two items work well together but separated them all into their own groups!

Boxes With Magazines

Cardboard & Magazine House

Use an old box to make a house frame and then fill with magazine clippings. Read the full tutorial here.

Collage Magazine Rainbows

Start by making a rainbow base from an old cardboard box and then decorate using magazine clippings. A great collage craft for older kids. Find out more here.

Magazine Hanging Hearts

magazine hanging heart craft

Use an old cereal box as a base to make your hearts and then decorate with magazine clippings. These are perfect for decorating a bedroom. Find out more here.


Collage Magazine Crown

These collage magazine crowns are a fun and easy activity for all ages and is simple to set up. Starting with a stiff paper base use magazine clippings to decorate and create your crown. Follow this link to find out more.

7 Recycled Magazine Crafts

These crafts are great for older kids, teens, and adults. Baskets, gift bags, and mosaics there is a lot to keep you busy in this round-up. Click here to see all 7 magazine crafts.


Recycled Box Glitter Frames

Turn an old box into a fun frame. We decorated ours with glitter but you can decorate yours with whatever you have at home! Read more about this craft here.

Finger Puppets

Take a box, draw out a design and turn it into a fun finger puppet. Get kids to decorate in any way they desire! Find out more here.

Tissue Box Crafts

tissue box kids crafts

Tissue boxes can be used for crafts! Check out this round-up of 6 terrific tissue box crafts for kids.

Fish Nature Craft

Cut out of a cardboard box a fish shape and then decorate using natural resources from your garden. Find out more here.

Happy Handprint Puppets

Use a cereal or snack bar box as a base to make your happy handprint puppets. A lovely keepsake craft. Read more about it here.

Foil Art

Foil art uses a base of either a cardboard box or a cereal box. This base is covered in aluminum foil before being decorated using Sharpie pens or other permanent markers. We have a range of foil art crafts here including hearts, spiders, trees, and eggs. Or click here to be taken to our foil butterfly tutorial.

Yarn Hearts

Cut a heart shape from a box and wrap in yarn. Find out more here.

Nature Weaving

An old box is a perfect base for nature weaving. A fun activity for kids of all ages. Click here to find out more.

Cardboard/ Toilet Rolls

Many things can be made using cardboard and toilet rolls.

Cardboard Roll Royal Family

We made a castle from an old cardboard box to go with our cardboard roll royal family. Find out more here.


Take one toilet tube and create one elephant. Our girls had lots of fun creating their own toilet roll elephants. See how we made them by clicking here.


Our girls came up with this idea on their own. Simple to make and lots of fun to play with setting up their own magical toadstool world. Find out more here.

12 Fun Cardboard Roll Crafts

Find more fun cardboard roll crafts in this great round-up here. Included are snakes, watches, cars, games, and owls along with other fun activities.

Tin Cans

There is something for everyone in this tin can round-up. From a tin man family to a decorative wreath this list suits young to old. See the full list here.

Yogurt Pots

Yogurt Pot Snake

We used craft paper to decorate this yogurt pot snake but you can decorate any way you like! Click here to find out more about this yogurt pot craft.

6 Yogurt Cup Kids Crafts

Find more fun yogurt pot kids crafts with this round-up, 6 yogurt cup kids crafts! Lots of fun to be had with these crafts.

Other Recycled Craft Articles

We hope you have found a project in our list of lockdown kids crafts using recycled materials to keep you busy today!

lockdown kids crafts from recycled materials

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